Where to watch My Hero Academia online? Better free and paid options

The My Hero Academia universe features many interesting characters and a storyline that spans important events that influence both the heroes and the League of Villains. It was created by the Japanese mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, the anime adaptation Released April 3, 2016 has become so successful that new seasons, OVAs and movies of the franchise have been developed.

Of course, it is an anime that is worth watching if you are a Shonen fan, it has many moments of action, adventure, drama and many other things that give shocking plot twists to each season. If you still don’t know how or where to watch Boku no Hero Academia, here we are going to show you all the streaming platforms on which it is available, both paid and free.

What is My Hero Academia about

My Hero Academia Class 1-A main characters

My Hero Academia is positioned in a fictional world where humans have evolved, managing to develop special abilities that They are known as Quicks or Gifts. Most of the population has these powers, but the story centers on a boy named Izuku Midoriya who does not have any skills and his greatest dream is to become a hero to help people just like his idol All Might did.

Izuku Midoriya demuestra have a lot of kindness and put effort In his goals, All Might manages to see that in him and decides to train him to become the next hero to face a villain called All For One, who has been causing disasters in the world for a long time. The key to this mission will be the One For All, a peculiar Gift that will link Izuku Midoriya and All Might in various ways.

How to watch My Hero Academia for free: all options

My Hero Academia
Villains vs Heroes in My Hero Academia

There are some platforms that offer streaming of My Hero Academia free, although these usually have certain limitations when using them.


This is one of the favorite platforms of anime lovers, it has all Japanese titles with official transmission. Here you can see My Hero Academia to some extentSince to be able to see the full anime you have to pay a subscription, and you can even have a free trial month. However, you are going to have the opportunity to see many episodes of the franchise.


Funimation is a bit similar a Crunchyroll, although here you will not be able to see many episodes of My Hero Academia for free, since the catalog is quite limited, but also with official broadcasts.

Payment options to watch My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia
Midoriya, Todoroki y Bakugo en My Hero Academia

Paid options they offer you many more things and the full content you need to catch up on My Hero Academia, from the official anime, OVAs, and Movies.


Netflix has several monthly subscriptions, there are for 7.99 euros, 11.99 euros o 14.99 eurosThese vary in the quality, number of screens and content offered. Here you can see all the seasons, they are uploaded half a year or a year after being released.


The platform offers several subscriptions, the Fan of $ 7.99 per month and Mega Fan for $ 9.99 monthly, contain unlimited content, download episodes, without advertising and many more features with which you will enjoy My Hero Academia to the fullest. The broadcasts are done in real time, so you can watch the episodes the same day they are released.


You only have one subscription $ 7.99 monthlyWith this you will be able to unlock the entire catalog available on the platform, including all the seasons of My Hero Academia and its movies.

This is not the only anime you should watch on streaming platforms, since there are others like Jujutsu Kaisen, Dororo, Assassination Classroom, and Attack the titans.