Where to watch the full My Hero Academia anime

The anime of “My Hero Academia“has become one of the most followed shows in the world regarding Japanese animation. The story of Deku and company is always the protagonist in all kinds of markedly ‘otaku’ events, and it doesn’t look like the thing is going to change in the next few years (despite the fact that the manga is nearing completion). All this being said, Where can one find all the anime of “My Hero Academia” in Spain?

Where can you see the anime of My Hero Academia in Spain

So, without further ado, I leave you with those that are your main options if you want to watch the entire “My Hero Academia” anime from start to finish (or wherever the story is at the time you read this):

My Hero Academia on Netflix

  • netflix is ​​about the platform you want to visit to start your journey for the anime of Deku and company.
  • The reason for this is that despite not currently having the anime license, nor receiving franchise movies, here one meets the beginning of the anime as such.
  • Namely, on Netflix one will be able to see the first two seasons that were produced from the anime.

My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll’s platform should be one of your main options to watch the anime of “My Hero Academia”, basically for the following:

  • In Crunchyroll you will meet seasons 4, 5 and 6 of the anime.
  • This is the current platform that has the anime license, that is, new episodic content is regularly published in its catalog.
  • Although Crunchyroll has very little dubbed anime compared to all that they have, in the last year they have stepped on the accelerator in this section. That is, if you don’t like Japanese, little by little they are expanding their selection of anime in Spanish.
my hero academia crunchy

MyHero Academia on Amazon Prime Video

  • On Amazon Prime Video you will not find anything at the level of My Hero Academia seasons currentlyso as a platform to follow the main story it is not particularly recommended.
  • What you will find available are the 3 films of the franchise:
    • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
    • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
    • My Hero Academia: World Hero Quest
  • With this in mind, it seems quite Safe to bet Amazon Prime Video keeps getting more movies (whichever ones are produced) of My Hero Academia, which makes the platform a great complement to expand the adventures of Deku and company.
amazon prime my hero here

Other platforms like HBO, Disney+ and more

  • At the moment, in relation to Spain, none of these platforms has a single anime season of BONES.
  • Is it possible that they get a season in the future? It certainly cannot be ruled out.. In the end, Disney+ has executed moves like Pulling Tokyo Revengers Season 2 From Crunchyroll. If one keeps this in mind, it is clear that nothing is outside the scope of the platform.

Where to see season 3 of My Hero Academia in Spain?

  • It may sound pretty absurd, but at this point there is no way to legally find the third season of My Hero Academia in Spain.
  • It is clear that at some point it must be incorporated into the catalog of one of the platforms available in our country, but for the moment it is something that will wait.

And this is all you need to know if you want to enjoy the “My Hero Academia” anime in Spain at any time and in a totally legal way. The truth about the third season is that it takes bread and dips, although It is what has to do with the fact that the license has changed so many hands in recent years. With any luck, the issue will settle down sooner rather than later.