Who is the traitor of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia not only draws attention for the incredible action scenes that occur during the plot, it also captures the interest of viewers for various mysteries that arise between the characters. Lately, the most talked about among the fan community is the case of infiltrated enemy in the circle of heroes. Who is he traitor of Boku no Hero Academia?

First of all, we will comment on events that contain SPOILERS. In the first chapters of the manganime it is revealed by Mr. Director Nezu of the UA Academy that there is an enemy that has managed to infiltrate among the heroes, which has been the reason why several have been generated conflicts with the League of Villains in unexpected moments. So far it is not known exactly who the traitor is, but there are some suspects who have left clues in some chapters. Next, we will explain to you who this character could be that has deceived the heroes.

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The clues about the traitor

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Let’s go over all the surprise attacks made by the League of Villains and the events related to the traitor. The first important event of this whole conflict happened in one of the UA Academy trainings, luckily, the teachers were there to face the enemies. The second siege of the villains was when Class 1-A and Class 1-B went to train in a secret camp during the summer, the enemies managed to locate the place, something that was difficult to know, but easy if you have a infiltrated among the heroes. On the other hand, All Might has also been investigating and commented to Nezu that possibly the enemy is not among the students, but he insists that he is one of the students from the academy. Considering all this, we have several clues about the traitor:

  • It is suspicious that Director Nezu is the one who gave the traitor’s statement, and also insist so much that you are a student.
  • The traitor would be between Class 1-A or Class 1-B.
  • According to All Might it is likely make it a teacher.

Who could be the traitor of My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya and his friends

Although there are not many clues about this traitor, the few that exist are enough to start be suspicious of some characters. Next, we mention what are some suspects that fit with the UA imposter


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As we already mentioned, Nezu himself could be the villain how much has been sought. He is one of the least suspected just for being the director of the UA Academy, and that would be a huge surprise. Furthermore, he is the only one who knows specifically where and when each of his students are, including those in Class 1-A and Class 1-B.

Denki Kaminari

My Hero Academia

Denki Kaminari and Re-Destro making the same sign

Considering that you may be a student, there are 3 reasons why Denki Kaminari, also known as Chargebolt, could be the undercover villain. First because already has someone been suspicious behind the scenes that were placed in the academy after the League of Villains attacked by surprise. Second because in the manga he has shown a strange gesture that links directly to Re-Destro (Rikiya Yotsubashi), a villain who appears in the Super Powers Liberation Army arc. This is possibly not just a coincidence.

On the other hand, Denki Kaminari usually shows himself to his friends as someone foolish and clueless, a perfect alibi to go unnoticed by your friends in Class 1-A. Also, that would give it an unexpected plot twist.

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijirou Kirishima listo para pelear.

There are many theories that point to Kirishima as the traitor by Boku no Hero. This Class 1-A student has a calm and caring character, something that would not make one suspect of his true intentions. However, Kirishima transforms completely with his Hero outfit. Before entering the Academy, the young man had a very different appearance and many fans speculate about the authentic history of the character that may have changed his way of being.

The initial idea of ​​the character was to become a hero to impress a girl that he liked it. Your loss could be reason enough to justify the drastic change of his character. It is not the greatest evidence, as this character was not at all involved in the first attack of the League of Villains in training at UA Instead, Kirishima stood aside in a classroom and did not participate at any time.

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