Why All Might Die In My Hero Academia’s Final Act War

The last act of my hero academia is upon us as the forces of All For One and Shigaraki build their strength in an attempt to defeat the heroes of the series as well as the destruction of Hero Society as we know it. While the war arc had quite a few kills for both heroes and villains, the final battle is sure to have a lot more, and we’re predicting that All Might will definitely be on the chopping block for a number of different reasons like Kohei Horikoshi is approaching the finale of its franchise.

All Might was prophesied to die more than a few times in the past, with his former sidekick Sir Nighteye seeing his demise in his visions of the future he inherited as part of his Quirk. Although Nighteye himself was the only one to die during his battle against Overhaul, the prophecy apparently remains as far as we know. With Toshinori Yagi no longer having the ability to fully use One For All’s Quirk, only being able to maintain his powerful form for a few seconds at a time, he was sidelined to help the next generation of heroes, but the Final War could bring him back to action, especially with All For One now freed from Tartarus and looking to add Deku’s Quirk to his own.

my hero academia spoke of different generations of heroes since its inception, with Class 1-A striving to become professional crime fighters to protect the innocent, but it’s clear that these same young students have risen to operate at the same level as the hero they once looked up to. As is the case with many tales, All Might dying would pave the way for Deku to become the new symbol of peace and take Endeavour’s place as the number one hero, with Shoto’s father still grappling with the fallout of his past. Sins.

To help soften the blow of his death, we imagine Horikoshi would include him in Deku’s head along with the other One For All ships, giving him a bittersweet ending in that he might have lost the life, but he would always guide the young Midoriya alongside his own master, Nana Shimura. While nothing is set in stone, All Might would definitely be in our death pool for the final Shonen series battle.

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