Why Deku never wears his mask in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series in recent years, and it is that the adventures of the aspiring heroes managed to excite many fans, and this time we will focus more on the protagonist and a detail that is very few have taken into account.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the vast majority are apprentice heroes who go to a special school, they must create their own outfits that will protect them from the villains that usually appear to terrorize and destabilize peace.

Deku is a young man who was born without a gift, but longed to become a recognized hero, as he admired the legendary All Might and everything he had achieved to preserve peace by fighting villains.

Due to the problems that All Might had been presenting, he needed a successor to be able to retire and when he met Midoriya, he caught the attention of the hero, who after training him for a while, made him the heir to the One for All.

Midoriya’s admiration for All Might is so great that he created his costume and mask in homage to this hero, wanting to emulate the impression that Yagi Toshinori gave when he used his transformation. Recently, the reason why Deku almost never wears his mask has been revealed.

In My hero Academia, students who want to become professional Heroes must create the names they intend to use as well as design their own outfits, which will represent them throughout their career. Izuku Midoriya has decided to pay tribute to her favorite hero when creating her costume design, as she has included a mask that resembles All Might’s smile and hairstyle.

Although they are speculations, the reasons why Deku does not use his mask frequently could derive from the fact that he usually forgets to do so due to the unexpectedness of the fights and does not have time to cover his face or is tired of having it torn during their confrontations and that is why he prefers not to use it, since it does not make sense that it is constantly being repaired.

On the other hand, Midoriya being a fan of All Might wanted to represent his features with his mask, imitating him a bit. However, as the plot of the Deku series has progressed, he has shown great progress by adopting the use of One For All and his Quirk in another way, since he uses it with his legs instead of arms, this being a big difference. in the combat style of your favorite hero.

Therefore, it could be said that Deku has acquired his own combat style, so it would not be unreasonable to think that this young man no longer wears the mask because he wants to express his own identity and create a name for himself among professional heroes, just as he did. All Might at the time.