Why is ‘My Hero Academia’ the perfect series to enter the world of anime?

It is January 6th The new My Hero Academia movie arrives in Mexican cinemas, where we can see Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo y Shoto Todoroki face one of the biggest crises in the world of heroes, with only two hours to save everyone!

Prior to the premiere of this film, we had the opportunity to talk with Sebastián Reggio (voiced by Izuku Midoriya) Y Miguel Ángel Leal (voice of Hawks) about its characters and because My Hero Academia is the perfect series to enter the world of anime.

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A story of heroes

My Hero Academia is a series produced by the studio BONES, based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. Here we follow the story of Izuko Midoriya, a shy and kind boy who lives in a society where it is common to be born with a special power, he has the dream of becoming a great hero who helps others with a smile on his face but faces a big problem, he was not born with any gift.

His story begins when he is rescued by his favorite hero All Might, who discovers great courage and strength within young Midoriya even though he is a normal human. So she makes a decision that will completely change both of your lives.

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My Hero Academia, the best anime to start

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular animes today, if you go to a convention you will surely find someone cosplaying one of the protagonists. The series introduces us to a set of characters, each of which has its own “Quirk” (which would be a super power) which has allowed fans to connect with their characters and their stories.

“My Hero Academia is very noble for everyone, from the very young who can like superheroes, their powers and how they develop. Their stories are easy ”, Miguel Ángel Leal told us why he would recommend watching My Hero Academia. “Underneath all that entertainment, from My Hero Academia, there are quite a few lessons that one can learn through what the characters experience”added Sebastián Reggio.

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A new villain threatens the world of heroes

If there are heroes, there are villains; this rule applies in the world of My Hero Academia, where we have been able to meet terrible villains like Tomura Shigaraki Y All For One. This new movie introduces us to one just as fearsome as the previous ones: Flect Turn, who is the leader of a group called Human crisis, whose objective is to completely eliminate the special abilities.

Our heroes, together with a new character, will have the difficult task of defeating Flect Turn and his allies to protect not only their friends, but also the whole world.

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A movie for everyone

If you are a follower of the series or manga, you will appreciate the details that are included, although it is not part of the canon line of the work, it perfectly expands the story of our favorite characters without losing its essence. If you are not a follower of the anime but you want to enter it, do not worry, the story is adapted so that you can see it without problems. It is a good opportunity to get into this incredible anime!

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The world of anime has captivated audiences beyond just fans of Japanese entertainment. That is why it is increasingly common to have premieres of these films on the big screens of our country (as well as on streaming services). Do not stay with the desire! Check out the movie this January 6th in cinemas, the perfect gift of kings that you can give yourself. ¡Plus Ultra!