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Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of My Hero Academiaheir to One for All and successor to today’s most acclaimed hero.

But Izuku is not our traditional definition of a hero. He is an inexperienced, weak and innocent boy who is always worrying others. Most of the time he wants to sacrifice himself for others carelessly, without considering others who need his help.

This leads us to think, why would someone with as little preparation as Izuku Midoriya deserves the One for All? In this article we will answer that question and many more. Not without first giving you a warning spoilers.

What is Midoriya’s One For All in My Hero Academia?

We have seen Izuko Midoriya improve your skills in My Hero Academia through the One for All. However, many mistakenly believe that this power is simply super strength.

The One for All it’s actually the combination of two quite convenient Gifts. The first allows the user to accumulate power, which can only be useful with the second gift: the ability to pass power to someone else. Therefore, One for All It’s like a snowball that gets bigger as it rolls. It is the power to accumulate and pass power.

Why choose a weakling like Izuko Midoriya for him One for All?

The director of the hero academy was one of the few who knew about the secret behind One for All. Learning that All Might needed to find a successor soon, he was offered a job as an educator within UAH. The idea was for him to find a worthy successor among the talented students of the most prestigious high school for heroes in the world.

But if this was the plan, why risk the future by taking on someone who didn’t even have a Gift as his successor? The answer was offered to us by All Might himself after the fierce confrontation between Midoriya and Bakugo. The former user of One for All he confessed that he had noticed Bakugo, but thought that Bakugo was already strong. On the other hand, Deku was weak and useless, but he seemed to her more heroic than anyone.

In fact, if he hadn’t met Deku, the successor would most likely be the Mirio Togata. He would have been virtually invincible with his own Gift of Permeability, his advanced combat skills, and One For All’s super strength.

However, this would have been the wrong decision. Below we will analyze why, mentioning important data from the manga. be careful with the spoilers if you do not like to know more about the account.

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The true potential of One For All in My Hero Academia

The most curious thing about One For All is that it is a power still unknown to any character that exists or has existed. In other words, we will see the key revelations about this power as we go along. However, there are currently important elements that we have been able to learn about thanks to the Manga and Anime of My Hero Academia.

To the surprise of many, the greatest investigations into One For All were carried out by two entities. The first was the scientist Kyudai Garakiwho appears to have successfully recreated the Gift of One for All, although only in the “super strength” part. The second entity is a group of people, known as Deku’s ancestors.

The spirit of the previous users of One For All still lives within this power, so they have been able to communicate their own experiences to Deku. These notions have been analyzed for years, even after their deaths, so they have been able to draw several interesting conclusions.

The first one is that One for All it is expanding. That is to say, being a Gift that accumulates power, he has been “cultivating” this power for years, and now is when he is showing his new abilities. But this is not good news, as given enough time, so much power will pass the limits of humans and no one else could inherit it.

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The black sheep in a world full of Gifts

We already know that the young Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia inherited the One for All for being one of the most heroic characters. In fact, he was the bravest and most selfless being All Might had ever met. However, there is a reason why this impulsive decision was in fact the correct one.

Unknowingly, All Might offered his power to a Quirkless child. Perhaps he also reminded him of himself when he was young, since the mighty All Might was also born without Quirk. This is something that both heroes have in common, but they don’t share with many people. In the modern world of My Hero Academiamost of its inhabitants are born without a gift.

Those without a Gift are considered weak and useless in most social circles. Proof of this is the harassment he received Midoriya when he was young. Nowadays, it would be very hard to find a kid without Quirk, and even if he did, there would be little chance that he would be hero material.

And why is this important? As it turns out, what seemed like a handicap is actually the secret to All Might’s success, and perhaps an advantage for Midoriya.

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Why Deku was the one to inherit One For All

Izuku Midoriya started in My Hero Academia being a weakling with too big ambitions. After inheriting the One for All, everything around the character changed. He wasn’t just strong, he was super strong, and he seemed to be taking inherited powers to new heights.

The explanation of this event was offered to us by the first user of the One for All in the mind of Midoriya. It seems that the accumulated power is expanding so much that it can end the lives of its users. This was what happened with hikage shinomoriwho had One for All for 18 years, but died suddenly at 40.

All Might, on the other hand, kept his powers well into his old age. And even after losing most of them, he didn’t die. Apparently a full container can overflow from receiving too much power. So the ideal is an empty container; that is, someone without Don. And that’s something they share All Might Y Midoriya.

One last chance against All for One

Knowing all of the above, Izuku Midoriya He was one of the few candidates My Hero Academia they could have received One for All without dying early. Also, each next user would die faster, since each time the power is greater. And all of Deku’s ancestors agree that it would be a challenge to find another empty vessel for that much power.

This led them to the last significant conclusion about One For All: Deku will probably be the last heir. He is also the only one who can bring out the true potential of the accumulated power, and use it to save the world. Though if he fails, all will be lost with no hope of an heir.

No one knows how long he will live Izuku Midoriya with expanding power. And the worst thing is that to succeed, he has to decide whether to kill or spare Shigaraki Tomura and his allies, in case he can defeat them.

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