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the third film of Boku no Hero Academia brings us a more than entertaining adventure, full of action and one or another new character, but is it enough?

In the past we have seen stories that have been linked to the plot in a certain way, looking for their space in the story but always maintaining an aura of independence that allows you to continue watching the series without having to stop your marathon for a movie. It should be noted that the first deepened a quota in the past of some heroes while seeking personal development and already his second film aimed directly at the growth of an entire class, since they were in a field practice.

Now we warn you that you could eventually find a spoiler or another, but we will try not to include information that is not from “public knowledge” on the part of the trailers, that said, a trailer as the last spoiler alert:

Loaded with action in its first minutes, World Heroes Mission presents us with an adventure closer to the X-Men that The New Mutants (it had to be said and was said), we have a sect looking for the usual: to eradicate people with powers to empower humanity. The issue is that in the world of Boku no Hero, almost anyone has a power, it is more common for you to have a quirk (as they are called in the saga) that you don’t have it. But of course not everyone will agree that such “inequality” exists, the terror of villainy or accidents caused by heroes, are still a concern, so this time we will have a sect that will seek to eradicate it in a way or another, but certainly the recipe is known: incriminating always turns out to be the easy way out in cases like this.

So we will have a Midoriya certainly a fugitive, who will be -surprise to no one- the protagonist of the story along with Bakugo, Todoroki and another couple of characters that are going to join the plot. Here is a point that we must mention, everything that happens is still very entertaining, but unlike his last film, the saga takes a path that will leave us with only a few minutes of participation from the rest of the class, which is understandable if we understand that the protagonist is one, but… isn’t the story about a whole class? Character development is sorely lacking here, as we don’t have any significant changes that determine a plot point (that being said, remember that in the previous movies it was something you could see happen one way or another).

Leaving this aside, the development of the film directed by Kenji Nagasaki It is quite entertaining, as we said, it will transport you to a narrative experience that characterizes the also director of the animated series and yes, his other films as well. That is the same thing that makes us wonder about the result presented in the previous paragraph, but that does not manage to remove the hype when seeing incredible action scenes.

There are nods and connections to the anime, but they still don’t manage to have the strength of a Two Heroes. But as much as it seems strange, the film is still solid around its protagonists, since the interpretation of Daiki Yamashita like our dear Deku It is something that does not go unnoticed, it becomes a character that transmits very intense emotions to you, but in any case, we already knew him. Deku has a very important duty and excels at achieving his goals, so there is no doubt that if you have been part of the character’s fan base for a long time, the recent film will be an interesting addition to what you have already seen.

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To future, Will we have any greater connection? We will have to see, since the work of Kohei Horikoshi could come to an end in a year as he pointed out last December and this being the third film, will it also be the last?

Anyway, if we had to give the movie a rating, it would be a 9 out of 10, also has a spectacular soundtrack that anime fans (as a segment) will know how to recognize more than well, but it really lacked developing its characters more and of course, making room for those voices that have forged its saga in one way or another, but it is necessary to remember and say, the film is so good, so unmissable, that these are really factors that will take a backseat when you are delighting in the fights that our fugitive heroes will have trying to clean their reputation and save the world.

It will always be a great opportunity to go see a movie at the cinema, more so if it is anime, do not forget to take good care of yourself if you are going to do it, take the preventive measures that you require, it is important to have up-to-date vaccinations to be able to access with the mobility pass and also contribute to the care of the rest.

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