Yukki shows us her own cosplay version of Mirko from My Hero Academia

The entire cosplayer community takes videogames, anime and manga as a source of inspiration, so it is normal to see artists characterizing themselves as their favorite characters and in recent weeks we have seen some from My Hero Academia and today we will see one from Mirko.

Something that seems quite curious to us is the fact that we are once again proposing a cosplay taken from My Hero Academia, so you can easily fall in love with the character of Rumi Usagiyama, aka Rabbit Hero Mirko, hand in hand with the beautiful model Yukki, also known What wendyyukkion his official Instagram account.

Rabbit Hero Mirko is one of the most particular fighters within the large cast of superheroes and villains present within the famous series, and without a doubt Yukki manages to present us with an amazing characterization without much trouble, since he has a suit identical to the character and his physique is really well worked.

She is one of the main heroines of “My Hero Academia” and is particularly popular with various cosplayers and can at least be dressed in a very sexy tone with her superhero costume, which is actually a rabbit. She can also be reinterpreted depending on each artist.

We must mention that, Yukki shared some images on his official instagram account that make it very clear to us that the sporty body shape and long white ears represent part of the striking silhouette of Mirko’s character, which obviously plays a role in this aspect. made in real life. She regarding this character she is quite aggressive in terms of temperament.

Yukki managed to reproduce the real version of Mirko very well, but it should be noted that in this version, he first focuses on the elegant appearance of the character, which only represents part of the superhero’s personality, otherwise he can be given an extraordinary release. .