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Anime continue to rise in the entertainment industry, especially thanks to the work of series that have had a greater impact on fans, such as dragon ball one piece Y Naruto

Most likely, you have already seen some of these because of their popularity, or at least you will have heard of them. However, it is likely that you do not know any of these curious facts about the successful Naruto and its creator, Masashi Kishimoto.

In this article we bring you 10 curiosities about Naruto that you probably didn’t know.

Kishimoto had to wait more than a decade to celebrate his honeymoon

Many of you will have heard about the mangakas and animators who spend their lives at work. This is especially the case with series that air more frequently than others, including manga that have one installment every week.

Of course, with a series of the size of Naruto, the creators had to spend most of their days writing and drawing the series. It was so much work Masashi Kishimotothe author of Narutowas unable to celebrate his honeymoon after getting married in 2003. Only after ending the well-known manga and anime in 2014, was he able to go on a honeymoon with his wife.

Sasuke’s character was inspired by an old manga from 1961

As is often the case with the most renowned artists, Kishimoto not only did he draw, but he was also a big fan of manga. So much so that he based one of his most popular characters on a classic 60s manga.

It’s about nothing less than Sasukewho was inspired by the 1961 manga by sanpei shirato with the same name. In this manga, the protagonist named Sasuke becomes a powerful yet lonely ninja, after his family and his entire village are wiped out by an enemy clan.

Kishimoto not only took the name of Sasukebut also was inspired by the history of the manga to give a background to the character that would become one of the greatest references of Naruto and from the anime.

Naruto was going to be based on modern times

There are those who were surprised to notice the technological advancement of Konoha that has been shown in Borutobut it turns out that the series Naruto it was originally going to happen in contemporary times.

In one of the pilot episodes of Naruto a modern environment is shown with a more contemporary history. It seems that Kishimoto later decided to base the events of Naruto in an earlier time, which seeing the success of the series, was a complete success.

Naruto’s outfits were inspired by The Matrix

In the Naruto Secret: Scroll of Soldiers Official Fanboo, Kishimoto confirm that you are a fan of The Matrixand in fact the film served as inspiration to create the outfits of the three protagonists, as well as those of other characters.

Although the designs are more colorful, you can see many futuristic additions that could well be based on The Matrix.

Team 7’s voice actors knew that Sasuke and Sakura would end up together even before the anime.

As a manga writer and artist, there is no doubt that Kishimoto I had a lot on my hands while Naruto it wasn’t finished yet. The creative saved the most shocking plot twists for last, but there were secrets that he simply had to reveal to ensure the quality of his work.

One of them was the fact that sakura Y Sasuke they would end up together. This was a fact Kishimoto had to overtake the voice actors of the Team 7 even before the anime started airing. Only in this way could the workers of the animated version ensure that this relationship had consistency even from the beginning.

Forehead protector emblems were created to save artists work

Fights between ninjas can be very fierce and even deadly, so they need all possible protection. We might think that this is the reason why Kishimoto introduced forehead protectors, but it turns out the iconic bands have a more practical origin.

Kishimoto wanted to save work for the artists working on his series, so he had to get rid of the goggles that Naruto he wears in the first episodes, because it would be a lot of work to constantly draw them. In addition, the bands on the forehead is part of the traditional clothing of the ninjas.

The anime had to be censored for the West

Japanese culture often differs from Western culture, so many of its products receive changes before reaching abroad.

Such is the case of the anime of Naruto, which had to be censored to be broadcast in the West. One of the changes is that assumewho is known to be a heavy smoker, always appears with his cigarettes unlit.

The liquor theme also had to be modified, so Tazuna he does not appear on screen as an alcoholic. Something curious is that they tried to censor the alcoholic version of read changing the alcohol for a “potion”, although we all knew what he was actually drinking.

Naruto had an official musical in Japan

the anime of Naruto became so popular all over the world, that he was selected for a musical adaptation which was held throughout Japan. The character of Sakura was played by two twins, Mikura Kana and Mikura Mana, who shared the work on the tour.

Naruto and his nods to Dragon Ball Z

Something you may not know is that Naruto has had a healthy rivalry with its competitors. Kishimoto even introduced a Chaos mask from Dragon Ball Z in one of its chapters. In the anime, an old man named “Roshi” appears with a monkey named “Son Goku”. It is clear that Kishimoto is a big fan of dragon ballas he himself has confirmed on several occasions.

Naruto was going to be a culinary manga based on a real life restaurant

the creator of Naruto revealed in an interview that her work was originally going to be a cooking manga. This explains the name of the protagonist, ¨Naruto¨, which is one of the ingredients with which a ramen can be served.

This is also the reason why the store Ichiraku Ramen It has so much prominence, because it was going to be the center of the culinary manga. This store was inspired by a restaurant located in Fukuoka, Japan, called Ichiraku. It seems that this was one of the favorite places of Kishimoto when I went to college.