10 Naruto Fights That Beat Dragon Ball At Its Own Game

Even if Naruto It is part of the big three dragon ball He is the grandfather of anime. He fueled the popularity of anime outside of Japan, and brings a lot of nostalgia to fans who have watched anime for a long time. Although the story is no more unique than any other anime, the fights are often in a class of their own. Some people think that dragon ball It’s nothing more than endless fights and screaming power-ups, but in reality the series combined martial arts and mystical powers in a truly unique way that most anime have not been able to replicate.

Even if Naruto does not share many similarities with Dragon Ball, the basis of their fighting system is very similar. Naruto also combines martial arts with mystical elements and in some cases does a better job than Dragon Ball. the dragon franchise Ball set the tone for epic fights, Naruto took that model and surpassed it.

10 Naruto Vs. Sasuke Thrived With Its Animation And Character Development

Sasuke and Naruto’s first fight is one of the best battles in the series for its epic use of jutsu and the way it developed the two characters. Naruto he really took his animation to the next level and created something incredibly fluid. While Dragon Ball Z usually uses thin lines to indicate that the characters move quickly, Naruto nothing was held back and he showed off every painful punch, kick and flip. Everything in this fight is advanced and something that not even Dragon Ball Z was able to reply.

9 Team Asuma’s revenge match brought a new level of ingenuity10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 1

The best of the fights in Naruto is that it’s not always about who can hit harder, it’s about strategy. Although the martial arts are as good in this fight as in any other of Dragon Ball Z , Shikamaru’s plan to be Hidan elevated this matchup. Not to mention that Kakuzu brought the creepiness factor, making the audience ten times more scared to see Shikamaru fight one of the best characters in the series. These two Akatsuki members killed Asuma and his loved ones didn’t have the option to save him with the Dragon Balls, which made this fight more tense than any other. dragon ball.

8 The Perfect Example Of An Underdog Taking Home The Win10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 2

Fans claim that Naruto uses “talk-no-jutsu” to beat his opponents, but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to throw himself to the ground when necessary. This fight used the underdog trope and escalated it.

Neji considered himself an unbeatable genius, but Naruto was able to use his brute strength and street smarts to defeat him. dragon ball has had some great tournament arcs, but those fights are usually about who can last the longest and not about who can make the best strategy to outplay their opponent.

7 Lee Shouldn’t Have Been So Strong10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 3

Gaara and Lee’s match is one of the best matches in the Chunin Exams, and what makes it even better is the sacrifice Lee made to win. Also, Lee should be one of the weakest shinobi because he can only use Taijutsu, but actually he is one of the strongest characters in the series. Lee is one of the only characters who manages to hit Gaara and she probably would have won if he hadn’t closed his eyes at the most crucial moment of her attack. Unlike dragonball, the characters of Naruto they don’t have senzu beans to make their wounds disappear. The way Lee suffers after this fight made it more interesting than any fight in Dragon Ball.

6 Madara Vs The Five Kage Was A Battle Between Gods10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 4

Madara is one of the strongest characters in Naruto. At the end of the series, his abilities are like those of a god. He is probably one of the only characters from naruto who could face the characters of dragon ball and win. Considering how strong he is, it makes sense that his fight with the strongest Shinobi and Kunoichi from the hidden villages would be absolutely epic. The level of destruction during this battle was similar to those created in Dragon Ball. . Madara destroys a mountain in one blow and practically brings down a planet on the allied Shinobi forces. Naruto he really outdid himself with this fight.

5 Naruto vs. Pain was a show10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 5

Naruto and Pain’s fight is the most memorable in the series and, for many fans, it is when Naruto reaches its peak. What makes this fight so amazing is the preparation. It’s similar to the preparation the audience felt before Goku fought Frieza, but Naruto The wait intensifies with Pain’s attack on Konoha, Naruto’s training as a Toad Sage, and his unforgettable entrance.

The destruction of the Leaf Village, Kakashi’s death, and Sakura’s desperate cry for Naruto’s help, prepare for Naruto’s heroic arrival. Everything about the Arc of Pain was amazing, from the moment Naruto arrived to the moment the village was saved.

4 Sakura Is Another Example Of Top-Notch Character Development10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 6

Unfortunately, Sakura didn’t fight as often as the fans wanted, but when she did finally get into a battle she was one of her best. Her strength is superior to that of any character in dragon ball and Chiyo’s skill added to it. Also, Sasori’s character development was outstanding and really made fans feel sorry for him after the battle was over. Character development during fights is something that Naruto does better than any other anime series.

3 A battle for the end of the world between ninjas10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 7

Naruto isn’t known for Earth shattering battles, that’s usually a trope he claims Dragon Ball Z. But the fight between Naruto, Madara, and Sasuke took everything the series had done before, and made it better. As one of the founding members of Konohagakure and the only shinobi capable of taking on the infamous Hashirama Senju, Madara is one of the most notable characters in the series. When he arrived on the battlefield, fans were eager to see him in action.

When Naruto and Sasuke faced Madara, he seemed almost impossible to beat. However, once Naruto and Sasuke gained new abilities from Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, Madara was in for a rude awakening. Madara was shocked at his increased power and finally recognized them as a threat. This battle was exciting not only because of the incredible use of jutsu, but also because fans got to see Naruto and Sasuke working together after spending so many years apart. This fight was bigger than anything he’s ever done dragon ball. Naruto took all the best of the fights Dragon Ball and used it.

2 The worst kind of pain10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 8

Jiraiya vs. Pain is one of the most emotional matches in Naruto. Not only does Jiraiya have to fight her own student, but fans had to say goodbye to one of the most beloved characters in the series. Even if dragon ball also lost characters, their kills used to lack impact due to the existence of the Dragon Balls. The fight between Jiraiya and Pain was fun to watch, but the pain of losing Jiraiya was far worse than anything that’s ever happened in Dragon Ball.

1 An epic fight between rivals10 peleas de naruto que ganan a dragon ball en su propio juego 9

Just like the fight between Sasuke and Naruto, this match was another epic battle between rivals. Kakashi and Obito were forced to confront the mistakes of their past and come to terms with them. Obito harbored a lot of pain and anger over the years. He blamed Kakashi for Rin’s death and, like Pain, Obito wanted to force others to feel the anguish he felt. At first, Kakashi was not able to accept his reunion with the friend he thought he had lost so many years ago. Obito was brainwashed by Madara and consumed with revenge. In the end, Obito realized his mistake and apologized for his involvement in the war. The animation for this match was fluid and hit all the emotional notes fans wanted to see. Although epic battles can be fun, a fight with real interests is much more entertaining to watch.