10 Naruto Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains

Naruto is one of the biggest names in all of shonen, along with one piece and bleachand it’s all thanks to the amazing cast of compelling and colorful characters from Naruto, featuring both heroes and villains. Even minor villains like Zabuza Momochi left a strong impression on viewers, and the heroes even more so.

Some of the heroes of Naruto they are classic protagonists with a heart of gold, while others are more of anti-heroes, and some of them, in an alternate timeline, might have actually been fearsome villains or great for heroes to fight. In other cases, these heroes were once villains and should have stayed evil, or have the right techniques and strategies to be a truly memorable and challenging villain.

10 Kurenai Yuhi Is A Genjutsu Master

In the original story, Kurenai Yuhi commanded Team 8 and was a mother figure to Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. Later on, she really became a mother, and her fans sympathized with her when she mourned the loss of Asuma Sarutobi. But her abilities are wasted as the protagonist of Naruto .

Kurenai is adept at creating plant-based genjutsu, but rarely did anything good with it. Instead, she could have been a cool villain in the early arcs and trapped Team 7 with her cunning genjutsu. She would have been a fascinating challenge for Naruto’s team.

9 Shikamaru Nara Might Be A Villainous Mastermind10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 1

The unforgettable Shikamaru Nara is famous for being a lazy ninja genius, and he shone during the story arc of Sasuke’s recovery and the battle against Hidan and Kakuzu. On the other hand, if he were a villain, he would be a matchless challenge for Naruto and his allies.

many villains from naruto , like the Six Paths of Pain or members of the Akatsuki, rely on ultra-powerful jutsu to be effective, but an evil Shikamaru could run circles around the heroes and keep them on their toes. He would be a persistent thorn in the side of the Leaf Village, and his plan would take Naruto and the bystanders by surprise time and time again.

8 Gaara Could Have Remained Evil For Longer10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 2

Ultimately, Gaara of the Sand had a compelling story arc because he was a villain turned good. For the sake of the story, he had to be redeemed eventually, but when he was a villain, Gaara was a terrifying sight to watch, and arguably Naruto redeemed him too soon.

Gaara turned good after hearing Naruto’s conversation jutsu, but he remained evil well into Shippuden and not finding redemption until the Fourth Great Shinobi War and escaping the clutches of the Akatsuki would be quite a sight.

7 Tsunade Might Also Have Been A Villain10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 3

Lady Tsunade is one of the three Sannin, or legendary ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village. She became bitter when she lost her brother Nawaki and her lover Dan, and she wandered the world for years, unable to process her grief. She was an antihero until Naruto convinced her to become the Fifth Hokage.

This story arc could have been even more dramatic if Tsunade had gone completely insane after losing Dan and become a true villain, lashing out at the world and destroying everyone’s happiness. She would be almost like Gaara, and her redemption would have come after Naruto and Jiraiya fought her to the end.

6 Shino Aburame Has Creepy Bugs10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 4

Shino Aburame uses a concealment technique based on the use of chakra beetles, which overwhelm the opponent in swarms and devour their chakra. Even Shino’s friends in Konoha 11 find him creepy and a bit off-putting, but Shino doesn’t seem to care much.

In another version of NarutoShino could have been a very creepy villain obsessed with bugs and finding human prey to consume, and would no doubt appear in the Book of Bingo as the bug-man. He could have been a cool villain that Naruto faced early on, like during the Land of Waves story arc.

5 Ino Yamanaka can play one friend against another10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 5

Ino Yamanaka is another member of Konoha 11 who uses a hidden technique[Inthiscasehecanusethegenjutsu-basedMindTransferjutsutotakecontrolofanopponentHecanalsoexplorepeople’smemorytoextractvitalinformation[EnestecasopuedeutilizareljutsudeTransferenciaMentalbasadoenelgenjutsuparatomarelcontroldeunoponenteTambiénpuedeexplorarlamemoriadelaspersonasparaextraerinformaciónvital

Anime villains often pit friend against friend, and Ino’s concealment technique is perfect for it. Said technique, combined with Ino’s short-tempered and vain attitude, would make her an ideal villain for any anime story arc. Naruto .

4 Sai Is Aloof And Creepy At Times10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 6

In the original story, the Root/Foundation ninja Sai learned to embrace the power of friendship, and even married Ino later on and took her name. However, Sai was originally a cold-blooded assassin and an agent of Danzo Shimura, and could easily have stayed that way.

Sai could have joined Team 7 and betrayed them for Danzo, which in turn would lead to a dramatic showdown between Sai and his would-be friend, Naruto. Sai could also have supported Danzo during his attempt to become the next Hokage and control the Leaf Village.

3 Rock Lee Might Have Had A Redemption Arc10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 7

Rock Lee is a taijutsu expert because he has no other choice. He was born unable to perform genjutsu or ninjutsu at all, and has felt insecure about it ever since. Fortunately, he had Might Guy to train him and act as a model, but things could have been different.

In a darker version of Naruto, Rock Lee could have been branded a failure or even a freak, and would run away from the village and become a renegade ninja, hell-bent on revenge. This expert martial artist could have been a good opponent for Team 7, and in the end, Naruto could redeem him with a conversation jutsu and some empathy.

2 Neji Hyuga Is A Powerful Enemy To Confront10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 8

If the plot of Naruto tweaked a bit, many Leaf Village ninjas could have been villains, especially if their personal background was more intense and these characters had fewer friends to lean on, like Rock Lee. A similar thing can be said for Lee’s teammate, Neji Hyuga.

In the original story, Neji was bitter and fed up with his role in the branch family of the Hyuga clan, and was an embittered determinist. He could have gone totally rogue and become a formidable foe that Naruto’s team had to fight against at some point. Neji vs. Sasuke would be a fight to remember.

1 Tenten Wields All Kinds Of Weapons10 heroes de naruto que serian mejores villanos 9

The ninja Tenten failed to be a convincing hero in the story of Naruto, and fell short over and over again. On the other hand, if Tenten had been a villain, she could terrorize the Leaf Village’s genin squads with her many deadly weapons, and a villainous Tenten would have much better weapons in her arsenal.

Villains fight dirty and hold nothing back, and a stronger, villainous Tenten could take down genin or chunin teams with her deadly traps and explosives. It could be a good challenge for Naruto’s team and show how fearsome weapons can be.