10 Reasons Why Naruto Is The Best Anime Ever

The Japanese anime world is bigger and better than ever, and the anime community can debate all day long about what is the best anime series and why. Admittedly, this is a subjective realm, and shows of different genres can be difficult to compare, but compelling cases can be made for some of the biggest titles, such as Masashi Kishimoto’s. naruto.

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The hit animated series naruto has a legion of fans and it’s easy to see why they love this series so much. naruto may have a few issues, such as filler arcs that disrupt the pacing, but overall everything naruto the fan can convincingly demonstrate why naruto is truly the best anime series, for fans of all anime genres. This series has more than a few factors that work to its advantage.

ten Naruto has a unique soundtrack

The Real Reason Naruto's Shinobi Ended Up Wearing Headbands

Many modern anime series feature stellar soundtracks, ethereal synths and choruses of Bleach to the thrilling heroic music of my hero academia which can run any fan. Yet it is easy to see how Naruto’s own OST has become one of the best in anime.

Naruto’s OST mixes two unlikely styles – modern rock and traditional Japanese music – into something truly unique and memorable that is more than the sum of its parts. Naruto’s OST also has some of the best cartoon music and sad music any anime could ask for.

9 Naruto Uzumaki’s Goal Is Tough But Achievable

naruto hokage

Every fictional protagonist needs a goal or plan to move their character forward and anime heroes are ready to deliver it. However, some anime heroes’ goals are vague or not ambitious enough, such as Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki simply aims to protect his friends. It’s noble, but it doesn’t really motivate the plot.

Meanwhile, Naruto Uzumaki has been striving to become Hokage and it’s a difficult but specific goal that can be achieved with enough risk taking and hard work. This sets a great example for anime fans who might be inspired to set a realistic yet challenging personal goal.

8 Chakra is a flexible and exciting energy system

naruto fights against gaara with the help of gamabunta and kyuubi chakra

Fantasy anime series tend to have their own battle systems and their own energy systems, from Bleach spiritual energy to Jujutsu Kaisen damn energy and Fairy tales magic and curses. These are all good energy systems, but none of them can compare to the chakra system of naruto.

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Chakra has all sorts of exciting applications, from an amazing variety of ninjutsu and genjutsu to summoning jutsu, increasing the user’s physical attacks, walking on water, or even controlling puppets by wood or using the chakra of a tailed beast. This energy system is also divided into different elemental types, including yin and yang.

7 The time jump is very significant

Many anime series feature a timeskip of a few years to move events forward and show how far the characters and characters have come. naruto does it better than any other series. The post-timeskip sequence is known as Naruto Shippudenand now, “Shippuden” can serve as slang for any post-timeskip storyline.

Naruto Shippuden sets a new standard by showing that Naruto and Sakura are growing in every way – they’re no longer scared kids struggling to survive. Now they are proactive, confident young adults who can take charge of any situation and they have brand new enemies to fight and higher stakes than ever before.

6 Naruto Introduces Anime’s Best Mentor, Jiraiya

Jiraiya stands in his signature Kabuki-inspired pose with a goofy look on his face

Anime mentors come in many shapes and forms, from Kazuma Sohma to Fruit basket for Bleach Zangetsu and My Hero Academia Gran Torino, the retired hero, but naruto stands out for having the anime’s #1 mentor, Lord Jiraiya the Wise Toad.

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Jiraiya does it all – he’s immensely powerful, he taught Naruto vital and relevant life lessons, he tried to bring peace to the world, he’s funny, and most importantly, he gave his life fighting for which is right. We still miss Jiraiya dearly to this day.

5 Naruto has mundane themes of hate and revenge

pain six paths of naruto

The best anime series features relevant and thought-provoking themes that apply to the real world, even if the chakra and tailed beasts aren’t real. naruto then explored the cycle theme of hate and revenge, which is all too real for anime viewers.

Individuals, organizations and nations seek blood for blood in the real world and this creates a cycle of hate and violence where eventually everyone forgets who threw the first punch to begin with. This makes Naruto’s Six Paths of Pain feels like a creepy, meaningful villain and not just a rogue bent on world domination.

4 Naruto fights for peace and tolerance

Naruto Loses Sage Mode During Pain Fight

Not only naruto explore the heavy but intriguing theme of cycles of violence, but it also offers an inspiring solution. Naruto Uzumaki inherited Jiraiya’s dream of forever ending the cycles of hatred in the world and it was what inspired Naruto to fight Pain and end the fighting for good.

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It’s not easy to do what Naruto did, but he still set a great example of opposing hate itself and erasing it. Nagato declared that he would believe in Naruto’s vision of peace and gave his life to make it a reality.

3 Naruto headbands are iconic

Naruto headbands, Gaara holding red shinobi alliance headband, Konoha headband

At first, manga author Masashi Kishimoto designed the forehead protectors so he wouldn’t have to keep drawing Naruto’s glasses, but that idea quickly became an essential part of what naruto East. These plated headbands are universal among ninjas and they have symbols engraved on them to represent the wearer’s home village.

By now these headbands are a staple of anime fandom and many other anime series have emulated them, usually as a pop culture reference or mild satire of naruto. These legendary headbands also make great merchandise and are easy for anyone naruto range to wear.

2 Naruto pays homage to Dragon Ball while having its own identity


As part of the original Big Three, with A play and Bleach, naruto takes many cues from the legendary Akira Toriyama dragonball franchise, but in the wrong hands, naruto would have ended up as a cheap copy of dragonball, which would have disappointed fans. However, things did not turn out that way.

Instead, author Masashi Kishimoto cleverly borrowed Dragon Ball’s formula while cutting Naruto’s own identity and themes, which makes these related series stand out in all the right ways. Naruto’s dragonball The DNA makes it very appealing to any action anime fan, but it’s far from a rip-off; Kishimoto had a lot of his own ideas.

1 Naruto has the anime’s best Dandere, Hinata Hyuga

A wide variety of anime series depict a protagonist slowly growing closer to his love interest, such as Casca in Berserk and Touka Kirishima in tokyo ghoul, but the character Hinata Hyuga beat them all. His character arc is one of Naruto’s better.

Much loved naruto the characters are what help make this series #1 and Hinata is a great example of that. She started out as a talented but shy dandere who learned to stand up for herself and fight for what’s right. She also had a healthy and meaningful romance with Naruto and they even got married in the end, setting up a new storyline that features the next generation in Boruto.

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