10 things Naruto learned from Sasuke

From the beginning, Sasuke Uchiha is vital to the franchise of Naruto. His decisions end up changing the course of history forever, while altering the lives of those close to him. Of all, it is the one that affects Naruto the most. Since they met, Sasuke has played an important role in Naruto’s life.

Going from a rival he despised, to a teammate he could trust, to a brother he can’t put down, Sasuke motivates Naruto to keep going no matter what. Regardless, Sasuke has taught Naruto many valuable lessons. Without these lessons, Naruto’s life would be very different. For better or for worse, Sasuke is one of the most important people in Naruto’s life, and the two are forever connected because of it.

10 they are not so different after all

At first, Naruto and Sasuke seem to come from two completely different worlds. Naruto is alone since birth, not knowing where he came from, while Sasuke comes from a long line of brilliant Shinobi. But the more Naruto knows Sasuke, the more he realizes that they are more alike than he first thought.

They may have been born into very different realities, but ultimately they both grow up on their own. They harbor a great deal of pain and loneliness at a very young age. This pain turns them into what they are as Shinobi, and they both go on opposite paths in life. Despite this, Naruto knows they are the same, and this belief is what makes him strive to bring Sasuke home throughout the series.

9 How to overcome fear in the middle of battle10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 1

When Team 7 embarks on their first big mission, Naruto is shaken by the life and death situation they find themselves in. He freezes in the middle of a fight, rendering him useless and unable to protect Tazuna.

It’s not until Sasuke calls out to him for his cowardice that Naruto finally comes to his senses and stands strong in the face of danger. Unwilling to lose to Sasuke, Naruto vows never to let fear stop him ever again. This is a promise that he keeps thereafter, and afterward, he faces rivals that not even Sasuke can stand up to.

8 Never give up, whatever happens10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 2

Sasuke continues to be a source of motivation for Naruto from start to finish. As a rival, he always strives to overcome it, and as a friend, he always believes in him. Naruto’s faith is put to the test more than ever after Sasuke betrays his village.

However, even when things are at their worst, when Sasuke and everyone else have given up, Naruto never does. On the contrary, he tries harder, willing to do whatever he can to bring Sasuke to his senses, even at the risk of his own life. Naruto was never one to give up, but after meeting Sasuke, he knows that giving up is not an option.

7 What it feels like to have a family10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 3

From birth and throughout his childhood, Naruto never knew the feeling of a loving family. He watched other kids from the Academy go home to their parents, safe and happy, and he could never relate to it. Only when Team 7 is formed does Naruto learn what it’s like to have a family.

After everything he, Sakura, and Sasuke go through together, they become his family. Not only does he find in them the love and family ties he longed for, but he also learns what it means to protect that family. From there, Naruto’s family grows, including his friends and all the villagers. This sense of family shapes who he is as an adult and the type of Hokage he becomes.

6 No one is better off alone10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 4

Sasuke’s tragic childhood and his fall from grace show Naruto the importance of those around him. Even when the others held out their hands, Sasuke pushed everyone away, determined to continue on his path of revenge. He was completely alone, and in this state, his hatred festered until he was consumed by it.

Naruto realizes that if he hadn’t had his friends and their support, he could have easily become just as cruel and hateful. Sasuke shows him how lucky he is to have his loved ones by his side, and it’s one of the many reasons that Naruto is determined to get closer to his old friend.

5 The path of hate is never the right path10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 5

The hatred in Sasuke’s heart consumes him at a very young age. He chooses the avenger’s path, ultimately choosing to let the hatred in his heart guide him. Naruto sees how hatred changes his best friend. The more time passes, the darker Sasuke’s heart becomes. All the pain he causes to his former comrades only consolidates for Naruto that hatred is not the answer.

Regardless, Naruto will never be able to hate Sasuke for his actions. If anything, Sasuke’s crimes make Naruto more determined than ever to get everyone out of the way of hatred. This allows you to let go of your own resentment and become stronger for it.

4 Appreciate the bonds created with others10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 6

When Sasuke leaves Konoha, he cuts all ties he has with everyone in his old life, including Naruto. For him, those bonds are a weakness and only hinder him in his quest for power. For Naruto, however, the bonds he creates with others are his strength. It’s not until he joins Team 7 and meets Sasuke and Sakura that he realizes the importance of bonding.

His connection to Sasuke is one of the strongest ties he has, and although Sasuke is willing to throw him overboard, Naruto refuses to let that happen. That leads him to get stronger and fight for his friendship. In the end, their bond is what brings Sasuke back to light.

3 Forgiveness is a powerful thing10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 7

Throughout Naruto’s life, everyone around him looks down on him and ostracizes him. If anything, he should be the most resentful of the series. However, he refuses to let the abuse turn him into someone he is not. Naruto is always willing to give those around him a second chance, and it is one of his greatest strengths.

Naruto has seen the power of forgiveness at work many times, but none come close to redeeming Sasuke. Because if he can forgive his estranged friend, everyone else can too. Without this forgiveness, Sasuke would never have started his journey of atonement and would still be lost in the dark today. Naruto’s ability to forgive changes Sasuke’s life and is something he will never forget.

2 No one is a lost cause10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 8

After years of fighting and so many wrong turns, it seems Sasuke will never see reason. Everyone sees it as a lost cause, no longer worth it. Naruto is the only one who never wavers. In the end, he was always right.

Naruto knew that there was still goodness inside Sasuke, and in their final battle together, he finally manages to unearth the real Sasuke. This moment is a valuable lesson that Naruto carries with him into adulthood. Like Hokage, he never gives up on the people around him and instills this belief in others. Sasuke proves that anyone can come out of the dark, regardless of their mistakes.

1 Although their paths are different, they will always be connected10 cosas que naruto aprendio de sasuke 9

Even after Sasuke returns to them, he knows there is no place for him in Konoha. Not until you can make up for the many mistakes you’ve made. At the end of the series, Naruto and Sakura again part ways with Sasuke. But this time, they fight on the same side. They have finally reconciled. His place is in the village, while Sasuke must remain outside while atoning for his guilt.

Despite the distance between them, their bond is stronger than ever. The connection they have overcomes any difficulties, and with a greater understanding between them, they can change the Shinobi world for the better, inside and out.