10 things Naruto learned from villains

A hero is nothing without a villain, and Naruto’s villains and Naruto Shippuden bring much more when it comes to storytelling. This series quickly brings in a host of philosophical themes early on, and unlike most anime, the villain is at the center of those themes.

As a rookie ninja, Naruto and his companions have a lot to learn about the ninja world they live in, but the reality is a much tougher teacher than they could have hoped for. No academy textbook really teaches a soldier how tough actual combat is, and it especially doesn’t prepare anyone for the villains that appear along the journey.

10 Teamwork really makes the dream work

No matter how strong a ninja is, he can never go alone when undertaking a mission. It is important to have someone else to support you when the plan deviates. Even when Pain decimates Konoha, and Naruto stays behind to save the day, he still needs a significant amount of help.

If Naruto didn’t have the Mount Myoboku frogs, as well as Katsuyu giving him information about Pain, he would never have been as close to winning as he did, and even then the plan falls apart. Hinata has to come to Naruto’s rescue, and when that fails, Naruto is helped by his father, who frees him from being corrupted by the Kyuubi.

9 Knowing your opponent makes a big difference in battle10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 1

After many battles with the enemies of Konoha, Naruto learns to recognize that everyone has weaknesses, even the villains. Although he doesn’t quite convey the use of strategy, at first he learns that throwing blows carelessly will only lead to defeat.

Even the villains have some kind of limitation or weakness that can help them win the fight. Thanks to Tsunade’s slug Katsuyu being with Naruto during his fight with Pain, he received all the information he needed to fight the Rinnegan user. All the information was so helpful in defeating each Pain that he almost won without any casualties. If only he knew exactly when Pain’s power to push and pull was going to return.

8 Know when to leave the enemy in the hands of another10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 2

Although Naruto is considerate “the hero of the Leaf Village”, That does not mean that all battles are solely your responsibility. Although he takes great pride in fighting the next enemy that approaches him, he has learned that there are times when the fight must be left to someone else.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Madara faces off against the Five Kage, and although the clone Naruto wants to join the fight, he is ordered to leave Madara in their hands. As leaders of their village, it was personal for them to handle the threat, but at the same time, Naruto needed to focus his chakra more on the front lines.

7 Some jutsu can defy the laws of nature10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 3

From bringing the dead back to life to immortality, the villains of Naruto they have accomplished some terrifying feats. Kabuto assembled an entire army of the dead towards the end of Shippuden and Hidan, of the Akatsuki, was literally impossible to kill.

Since these characters do not care about any law, they will come to defy the Laws of Nature themselves. This gives them the power they want to achieve whatever villainous goal they have in mind. Orochimaru, for example, had immortality as his ultimate goal.

6 The stronger the jutsu, the worse the side effects10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 4

Throughout the series, Naruto sees many powerful jutsu in battles against enemy ninjas. In an effort to become strong enough to prepare for these battles, both heroes and villains have used jutsu so powerful that they come with terrible side effects.

Nagato died immediately after bringing back all the Konoha villagers with her jutsu; Celestial Life Samsara Technique. Although Naruto didn’t get a chance to meet Itachi, he sure learned from Sasuke the risk of overusing the Sharingan. Some ninjas are lucky, with strong jutsu that have no apparent drawbacks, but some of the strongest come with enormous risks.

5 Not all villains are the same10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 5

From the beginning, Naruto learned that people labeled “villains” are not always the bad guys. On the mission in the Land of Waves, Naruto met Haku in person, not realizing that he was aligned with the renegade ninja Zabuza. Naruto could see Haku’s human side, but Haku’s kind and gentle nature was overshadowed by his deep intention to follow in Zabuza’s footsteps.

However, at the end of the battle, Naruto and his teammates realized that both Haku and Zabuza were only living the only way they knew how and were forced to live their lives as assassins because it is the only thing that ninja society has left them.

4 Sometimes even villains deserve compassion10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 6

Nothing is black or white with these characters because human nature is so complex. While Gaara and Sasuke’s hatred of the world is considered “evil”, the Raikage’s hatred and even Sai’s lack of compassion are considered acceptable. When looking at these characters with the naked eye, it can be easy to fall into labeling them as the “hero” or the “villain,” but they are all human, flawed and all, who have experienced pain. Some pains can be more difficult to overcome than others.

What Naruto learns is that sometimes it is necessary to give someone a little compassion, which he does for Gaara in his fight during the Chuunin Exams. He understands the pain that Gaara has been through, and that show of compassion is what inevitably causes Gaara to become a more compassionate human being.

3 Having strength can change someone’s life in a terrible way10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 7

It is trap 22 of the series, the cruelty of the ninja world forces people to get strong, but when you get too strong, that can cause people to treat you cruelly. They have taken advantage of the strongest ninjas, such as Zabuza and members of the original Akatsuki, but it is the members of the largest ninja families who live the harshest lives.

Haku nearly died from his blood trait, and Neji was marked with a curse mark that controls the mind of his own family, the Hyuga clan, to protect his family. The reason Orochimaru pursues Sasuke is his obsession with the Uchiha clan’s Sharingan.

2 Hate made them the way they are10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 8

As time passes, the overall theme of the series, “love versus hate,” becomes clearer and more resounding. It is true that not all villains made their decisions out of hatred they felt, but they all forgot about love and tend to lean more towards hatred to some degree.

Nagato is the greatest example of this tragedy. He once had dreams of peace and he and his companions from the original Akatsuki worked to bring peace to the Rain Village. The organization was ruined after they were attacked by the Rain Village leader Hanzo, who was convinced by Konoha’s Danzo that they were actually a threat. Other people corrupted by hatred also participated in the destruction of the peaceful Akatsuki, which was the moment that changed Nagato’s character and made him “evil”.

1 Hearts can change10 cosas que naruto aprendio de los villanos 9

Giving compassion doesn’t always make the enemy change his ways for the better, although it does help. Sometimes the villain has to learn from his own mistakes and terrible decisions to realize that what he is doing or what he has done is wrong. More than anyone, no one exemplifies this as well as Sasuke.

Sasuke has many opportunities to change. Even after watching his brother Itachi die in battle, a wish he had had since the beginning of the series, he was easily manipulated by Madara into not only hating Konoha, but starting to love his brother again. It is not until his bloody confrontation with Naruto that he seems to tire of his hatred and see that loving others is not so bad.