10 Times Boruto Disappointed Fans

Boruto It was a long-awaited series as a continuation of the classic and beloved Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden, and while fans had high hopes for the series, it didn’t always live up to their expectations. The story follows Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, who becomes a genin and helps in the long campaign against the Otsutsuki, powerful beings introduced at the end of Naruto: Shippūden.

From dirtying beloved characters to changing significant elements of lore, worldbuilding, and setting, Boruto has introduced one change after another, and not all of them have succeeded in the hearts and minds of fans.

10 When Characters Were Given A Downward Glow

Given the Boruto is the continuation of a previous story, the series naturally includes some recurring characters that fans of the prequel have come to know and love. However, these characters are older, wiser, and look different than they did as teenagers in the previous series. But not all of these changes are welcome.

Among the characters whose new designs have been criticized, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Gaara, and even Shino Aburame have been criticized for looking less cool and even goofy compared to their previous designs. This is especially frustrating for those who were supposed to be part of the cool guy or mysterious ninja archetype.

9 When He Made Old Characters Less Power10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 1

For the new generation to come into the spotlight, the older characters, who had already gone through their character arcs and become the strongest versions of themselves, had to be nerfed. Otherwise, nothing would stop characters like Naruto and Sasuke from continuing to be the focus of the series.

These characters lost some of their most important powers (especially Naruto). Also, they became weaker compared to the villains, who outclassed even the most powerful ones from the previous series. It seemed like a bad decision to me, but it was the only one the writers had to combat the power surge that had been established long before the start of Boruto.

8 When He Treated Some Characters Like They Were Jokes10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 2

The personalities and looks of some characters became so different and ridiculous that they seemed more like joke characters than formidable ninjas. One of the most obvious cases was that of Shino Aburame, who used to be a terrifying master of parasitic bugs who stayed in the shadows and wielded terrible powers.

However, in Boruto, not only does he become more talkative and outgoing enough to lead classrooms of rowdy children, but he also becomes an eccentric and weird stuffed animal-loving teacher. He’s not bad, but compared to his previous personality, he’s so opposite that it’s lame and contrived.

7 When Boruto Tricked His Friend10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 3

Naruto was the paragon of honor, friendship, and compassion, which is why it was so unbelievably awesome to watch his son, Boruto, cheat during the chunin exams, and against his best friend no less. A constant theme in the prequel series was trying to defeat rivals and villains with one’s own power and hard work.

However, it was not so for Boruto, who seemed willing to take the easy way out when the moment called for it. Although fans can see shady tactics being used to survive battles with powerful enemies like the Otsutsuki, it’s hard to put Boruto down for cheating in the chunin exams.

6 When Naruto Was A Bad Father10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 4

It wasn’t all Boruto’s fault, he had a tendency to be a bad apple, and his father didn’t help things. As the Seventh Hokage, Naruto was often absent, forced to deal with the problems and responsibilities of being the leader and protector of an entire village of both shinobi and civilians.

However, due to Naruto not being able to pay attention to his son, Boruto began acting out in an attempt to get his father’s attention, which is what led to Boruto cheating the chunin exams in the first place. Not only did Naruto let Boruto down by doing this, he also let the fans down.

5 When Sasuke Was An Absentee Father10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 5

Sasuke Uchiha was even less present in the childhood of his own daughter, Sarada Uchiha, who went through the Academy without her father’s help. Like Naruto, Sasuke also went out of his way to protect the village by seeking information on the Otsutsuki. Unfortunately, this caused him to lose Sarada’s life.

Fans were already tired of how uncommitted Sasuke was to Sakura Haruno (now Sakura Uchiha), but his absence after having a child was crossing a line that many fans pointed out. In the end, Sasuke returned, but he has to catch up to win back the sympathy of the fans and Sarada.

4 When He Killed Beloved Characters10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 6

One of the most dramatic turns of Boruto was the loss of a key figure and proponent of much of Naruto’s inherent power, Kurama, also known as the Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox. The spirit, once a force of destruction, had become a true friend to his jinchuriki and had helped aid the world against the Otsutsuki.

It’s no wonder that the loss of this character deeply upset many fans, as it not only weakened what was once the most powerful shinobi on the planet, but also got rid of a voice that had become an important part of the character. the history.

3 When He Changed The Genre To Feel More Sci-fi10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 7

The introduction of ninja scientific tools was another controversial addition to the series. Boruto . After Naruto became the Hokage, technology seemingly accelerated at an alarming rate, leading to the creation of a mechanism that could help bridge the gap between powerful shinobi like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura and newer villains.

However, not everyone was as convinced of ninja science tools as the writers and characters seemed to be. In a way, the addition of these gadgets brought the series closer to a sci-fi tale, something that was drastically different than what fans of the previous series were used to.

2 When He Gave Fans Nasty Leads10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 8

Although there were many grievances with characters like Sakura and Sasuke throughout the series’ duration of Narutothe rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke, the inspirational nature of Naruto’s goals and aspirations, and the deep bond between those characters made them more compelling than the new series’ leads.

People also have a lot of complaints with Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto for different reasons. Also, their bonds don’t seem as strong, their rivalries aren’t as convincing, and their attitudes can sometimes irritate fans.

1 When He Waited Too Long To Get Serious10 veces que boruto decepciono a los fans 9

The first moments of Naruto they had blood, betrayal, action and loss. However, the more than 100 episodes of Boruto They have stuffed animals, cards, hamburgers and camping. Yes OK Naruto had its moments of frivolity, absurdity and calm, and Boruto has its moments of seriousness and hardship, it is obvious that there is a huge difference in tone between the beginning of Naruto and the one of Boruto.

For many fans, this got the series off to a bad start, as the stakes didn’t seem high, the episodes were forgettable or less than compelling, and the atmosphere felt dull.