10 Times Choji Was The Best Naruto Character

Naruto may be the most important character in the series Naruto, but that doesn’t mean the series isn’t packed with other awesome characters. From the Kage to the Shinobi Sensei and the other companions of Naruto, Naruto is full of characters that all fans can fall in love with.

Although Naruto hogs most of the limelight, from time to time the secondary characters get their moment to shine. Someone who may seem like comic relief at first, but ends up doing a lot for the series is Choji Akimichi. He is a character who loves food and can act like a scared cat at times, but his big heart and willingness to help his friends make it incredibly fun to support him.

10 He Helped Save Sakura Even Though He Was Scared

Team Seven really had to fight during the Chunin Exams. Not only did they have to fend off giant bugs and other creatures, but they were forced to fight one of the three Sannin Orochimaru. After that match, both Sasuke and Naruto were knocked out, leaving Sakura to protect them, but against a team of sound ninjas. Luckily for her, Choji’s team showed up. He might not have been too keen on participating, but when it came down to it, she protected her friends from him as best she could and gave them the time Sasuke needed to wake up.

9 He Did His Best During Solo Battles10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 1

While his best friend Shikamaru hates fighting because it’s “a pain in the ass”, Choji hates conflict in general. When it was finally his turn to fight, he was about to retreat, but some encouragement from his teammates and his Sensei, Asuma, gave him the courage he needed. If he had fought anyone else, he might have won, especially with a Ninjutsu as unique as his. However, his opponent was too much for him and he ended up losing. Despite this, his combat was fun for fans of the series and showed how great the character is.

8 Sasuke’s Recovery Bow Showed How Powerful He Is10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 2

The great thing about Sasuke’s recovery arc is that it has given some of the lesser-known supporting characters a chance to be in the spotlight. This is especially true of Choji, who proved his worth in his fight against Jirobo. Fans not only learned more about his origin and his ninjutsu, but the fight revealed how loyal he is to his teammates.

Also, Choji was able to come out of his shell and show that he’s not just the fat comic after all. He is a powerful ninja who will risk everything to ensure that his teammates succeed. Considering how epic Choji’s fight was, it makes sense that his character inspired the creation of other characters like Fatgum from My Hero Academia..

7 Her Struggles And Kind Heart Are Easy To Relate To10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 3

Choji’s character is a bit contradictory, considering that he is a Shinobi and a pacifist at heart. Even though he has a hard time getting into a fight, he is a strong person who is perfectly suited to supporting his teammates. His kind heart makes him a more interesting character because he is not obsessed with power or getting stronger like other characters in the series. He is the most normal compared to the other characters, but that makes him the most relatable and the character that fans tend to support the most.

6 He’s Incredibly Loyal To Shikamaru10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 4

The drama of the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is fun to watch, but sometimes, fans want to see two characters who are the same and share a strong bond. It is obvious that Choji and Shikamaru share a deep connection that is not limited to their clans’ connections to each other. During Sasuke’s recovery arc, Naruto and Kiba often questioned Shikamaru’s decisions, while Choji fully trusted Shikamaru’s abilities. The level of loyalty that Choji felt towards Shikamaru despite the situation really showed how great of a character he is.

5 He Was Key In Sealing Asuma10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 5

The Fourth Great Shinobi was hard on everyone, but it was especially so for those who were forced to fight their reanimated loved ones. After finally coming to terms with Asuma’s death, Team 10 was forced to confront him again, and this time, it was his enemy.

Choji especially struggled because of his love for Asuma and his need to protect those important to him. Fans got to see how pure Choji’s heart is and how vital he is to the Shinobi as a whole. Once he agreed to see Asuma again, he pretty much protected everyone on the battlefield by himself.

4 Helped Protect The Coast With His Father10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 6

Naruto played an important role in the Fourth Great Ninja War, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the characters from naruto They were sitting around doing nothing. While Ino helped relay information and Shikamaru created battle strategies, Choji played a major role in fighting the enemy. When the Shinobi forces guarded the bay, it was Choji and his father who led the battle. Without him, not only would more lives have been lost, but his mission to protect the coast would probably have failed as well.

3 Choji Showed How Versatile He Is During The 2nd Chunin Exam10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 7

During the early Chunin Exams, many of the characters were unable to reach the rank of Chunin. In fact, Shikamaru was one of the only members of the Konoha 11 to achieve the rank of Chunin, and because of this, many of the characters were forced to sit the Chunin exams a second time.

Without Shikamaru, Ino and Choji needed someone else, so they chose Sakura as the third member of the team. Even though they had never worked together, the three of them did amazingly well as a team. Choji especially stood out and not only showed how good he is in battle, but he knows when to sit back and listen. It’s pretty clear that Choji is someone who works well with almost everyone, and he really showed it during his second Chunin exam.

2 Choji Got Stronger During The Timeskip10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 8

A lot of things changed during the timeskip from Naruto to naruto shippuden. The characters were not only older, but also stronger. When Naruto returned from saving Gaara, he was reunited with several of his former teammates, including Shikamaru and Choji. They were attacked by Sai, and Choji was able to show off several of his new techniques, including the fact that he could expand parts of his body. He finished off Sai’s attack, instantly impressing Naruto and the fans with his new techniques.

1 Helped Avenge Asuma’s Death10 veces que choji fue el mejor personaje de naruto 9

Losing Asuma was a crushing blow to the Leaf Village, and Asuma’s former students weren’t going to be disappointed. With Kakashi’s help, they managed to track down Hidan and Kakuzu and perfectly executed a plan to wipe out the Akatsuki members. Once again, Choji showed how much he trusts Shikamaru, but also showed the willpower that he has when facing an Akatsuki member. The fact that Choji wasn’t afraid to fight shows how much he has grown since the first series.