10 Times Naruto Acted Like An Adult

Naruto Uzumaki had a true story of helplessness. This headless, talentless orphan who was ostracized by the village and flunked out of the academy worked hard, inspired others, and never gave up. Over time, he not only became the strongest shinobi in the world, but also became the Hokage leading the very village that despised him.

Although Naruto was a very immature kid, pulling pranks, trashing the city, and getting into fights at the drop of a hat, he eventually proved that he could not only be mature, but also stand his ground in the face of things that defeat true adults. Thus, Naruto proved that he could act like an adult many times throughout the series, even against his otherwise rambunctious behavior.

10 When He Inspired Inari

When Naruto first went to the Land of Waves, he met a girl named Inari who was a bit of a snot, which mirrored Naruto a bit, in a way. As the arc progressed, Naruto realized the danger the inhabitants of the land were in and the danger he was in. However, Naruto couldn’t stand Inari’s complacent whimpering.

So he told Inari that she had to stop her negative nonsense. Inari used Naruto’s inspiration to gather a group of townspeople to aid in the Hidden Leaf ninjas’ campaign against Zabuza, Haku, and Gato.

9 When He Gave Neji Some Fist Therapy10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 1

Neji Hyuga thought that his fate was out of his hands. He was born into a branch of the Hyuga family and thus, he was given a curse mark and the destiny to die to protect the main family. Because of this, he was understandably bitter, but took it out on the gentle Hinata Hyuga, his cousin. Naruto couldn’t take this.

During the Chunin Exams, Naruto scolded Neji, letting him know that sometimes failures could win and that fate was in his own hands. After Naruto defeated him, Neji began to understand what Naruto was talking about. As a result, his view of his world began to change.

8 When he stood up for Tsunade10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 2

Naruto has a gift for inspiring others, especially when they are at their lowest point, which is exactly where Naruto and Jiraiya found Lady Tsunade when they sought her out to ask her to be the Fifth Hokage. Tsunade had left behind her life of shinobi and her medical ninjutsu to gamble and drink, but Orochimaru had tempted her with the prospect of bringing back her dead loved ones.

Luckily, seeing Naruto get punched in the face by her while worrying about his fear of blood and the ramifications of joining Orochimaru, she snapped. Naruto was acting more like an adult than she was at the moment and it was what he needed to bring him back to reality.

7 When He Talked To Nagato10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 3

Nagato, also known as Pain, was the leader of the Akatsuki, whose past traumas had made him determined to destroy the entire world with war in order to achieve peace. As part of his plan, he attacked the Hidden Leaf Village and killed many of its inhabitants. Naruto couldn’t tolerate this so he went over to where Nagato was and had a conversation with him.

Talking to Nagato made him remember his original goal of wanting peace, and he was inspired by Naruto’s words, turning to believe in Naruto and his goals for peace. Seeing Naruto’s reasoning, she gave up chasing after him.

6 When He Worked With Everyone To Defeat Kaguya10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 4

There was a lot of bad blood between the various clans and nations of the shinobi world, even for Naruto. Obito Uchiha had unleashed the Nine Tails and killed his family. Sasuke Uchiha had left him behind and tried to kill him as well. Kurama and Naruto had a tumultuous relationship from day one.

However, Naruto put these concerns aside. In a surprisingly mature move compared to Naruto’s original demeanor, he collaborated with both his friends and his enemies, putting his life in his hands as they fought and defeated Kaguya Otsutsuki.

5 When He Always Focused On Keeping Innocents Safe10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 5

Even during an all-out war with all nations, fights with countless ultra-powerful undead shinobi, and battles with Obito/Madara/Kaguya, Naruto remained concerned for the lives of his friends, as well as every other shinobi in the battle. .

Not only did he use his chakra to help keep them safe, but he also had time to consider his part in the battle. He helped them accomplish their missions by using Kurama’s chakra to encourage them to continue the fight.

4 When He Inspired Sarada10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 6

Naruto did not stop inspiring people in the original series of Naruto. She kept doing it Boruto. During his time as Hokage, he worked tirelessly to keep the village safe and build a better and safer world for children and the innocent. Seeing Naruto do this inspired not only Naruto’s friends, but many of the villagers as well.

One of them was Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura and heir to the Uchiha bloodline. She, in direct opposition to what her father did at her age, resolved to one day become the Hokage, inspired by Naruto’s example.

3 When He Was Forced To Reprimand Boruto10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 7

Not all was good within the Hidden Leaf genin or the Uzumaki family. It’s not uncommon for adults to forget that their family is more important than their job, and with everyone in the village depending on Naruto, it’s even harder for Naruto to strike a work-life balance.

He inadvertently neglected Boruto, who ended up cheating in the Chunin Exams by using a scientific ninja tool to get his father’s attention. Naruto had to be the suckiest adult and reprimand his son to enforce the rules, show that the Hokage’s son doesn’t get special treatment, and hopefully help Boruto see the error in his actions. .

2 When he got lost among mountains of work as Hokage10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 8

Working diligently to keep the town safe, to the detriment of your own family, goes hand in hand with paperwork. Saving the village isn’t always glamorous. Arguably the most adult thing anyone can do is do mountains of paperwork as part of their job.

Naruto can often be found buried under mountains of paperwork in the Hokage’s office. Looking at Naruto’s history at the academy, it’s hard to imagine him even being able to comprehend paperwork, let alone finish it, but with adulthood comes responsibility.

1 When he took Kawaki in10 veces que naruto actuo como un adulto 9

Naruto grew up as an ostracized orphan, with everyone in the village, even people he had never met, looking down on him and not letting their children associate with him. So it’s no wonder Naruto didn’t want anyone else to go through that experience. Not even Kawaki.

Although Kawaki was rough and petty at first, Naruto took care of him and ended up becoming a father figure to the boy. He wanted to be the kind of adult that no one was for him when he was an orphan, and it was for Kawaki’s sake.