10 Times Naruto Acted Selfishly (And Paid The Price)

the naruto uzumakifrom naruto He had a rough start in his life. His parents were killed during the Nine-Tailed Fox’s attack on the Hidden Leaf Village and, as the last remaining Uzumaki in the village, he became Fox’s jinchuriki. Due to his proximity to the Spirit of the Tailed Beast, he was ostracized and despised by the entire village.

All Naruto wanted was respect and he aspired to be Hokage. As he grew as a ninja and became closer to Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake, he realized what friendship was and his goals changed to being Hokage not out of respect but to keep his people safe. except. However, he wasn’t always so selfless. As a delinquent and prankster, Naruto used to be quite selfish.

10 When He Graffiti The Hokage’s Rock

Naruto started out as an incredibly immature child. He was terrible at the Ninja Academy and constantly played pranks on everyone. Also, he often acted out doing things like painting the Hokage’s Rock with graffiti to get attention. He was angry that the Hokage garnered so much respect while he had none. However, Naruto’s father’s face was one of those he painted.

As penance, the Third Hokage had Naruto clean the graffiti off the rock’s surface by himself. Although Naruto was incredibly selfish, fans can easily see why he would have done this, since the village treated him with such contempt.

9 When He Stole The Scroll From The Hokage10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 1

Naruto was manipulated into stealing the scroll containing the secret of the multi-shadow clone jutsu from the Hokage’s residence by a superior figure and teacher, Mizuki. Naruto trusted this person, but he also wanted the scroll to improve in ninjutsu and pass the academy. So when he stole it, he went into hiding for a while to learn the secrets of the jutsu.

The price Naruto paid was the realization that he had committed a serious crime and seeing Iruka-sensei seriously injured trying to save Naruto from Mizuki. Luckily, Naruto was able to use the new jutsu and help Iruka. He even managed to pass the academy.

8 When He Tried To Impersonate Sasuke10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 2

Naruto was in love with Sakura Haruno for much of Naruto and got angry because Sakura’s attention was glued to Sasuke Uchiha, the village prodigy and bad boy. At one point, Naruto made a very selfish move and tried to trick Sakura by transforming into Sasuke. The shot backfired, especially since Naruto had consumed spoiled milk.

Not only did Sakura not return Naruto’s affection, but she also spent the rest of the series punching him away. After Naruto’s stomach problems thanks to spoiled milk, he definitely didn’t look cool enough to sway Sakura’s affections.

7 When he cried out to the fallen rock Lee10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 3

Naruto was a loudmouth, but that was sometimes a good thing. He was often able to inspire his friends and other shinobi and villagers just by shouting his ninja ways. However, this was to no avail when Rock Lee lost during the tournament phase of the Chunin Exams against the Hidden Sand Village’s jinchuriki, Gaara.

Gaara not only destroyed Rock Lee’s body to the point of almost completely ruining his chances of being a ninja, he nearly killed Rock Lee. Rock Lee never gave up, continuing the fight even when he was knocked out. However, when Rock Lee finally fell, Naruto callously spit vitriol on Rock Lee going against his word and Kakashi Hatake had to shut him up.

6 When He Made A Bet With Tsunade10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 4

Naruto loved taking bets and proving people wrong about him; that’s exactly what he did when he met Tsunade and she told him that his training would not succeed. Naruto accepted her bet partly to prove her wrong and partly because he was angry that she despised him, so her motivations were pretty selfish.

In the process of proving Tsunade wrong, Naruto stopped Kabuto from dealing a heavy blow to the future Hokage. Although this was noble, it caused Naruto to get into a fight that was way beyond his means and in which he nearly died.

5 When He Tried To Take Sasuke Back To The Village (The First Time)10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 5

When Sasuke left the Hidden Leaf Village with the Sound Ninja, he didn’t want anyone to go after him. That’s why he knocked out Sakura and left her on a park bench. However, Naruto wasn’t going to let Sasuke get away with it. Naruto didn’t want to let go of his friend and deep down, he didn’t want to be alone.

Although Naruto’s intentions weren’t purely selfish, Sasuke made it very clear that this was what he wanted to do, and Naruto constantly approached Sasuke’s departure as if it was against Sasuke’s will. For that, when they finally faced each other in the Final Valley, Naruto took quite a beating.

4 When He Tried To Raid Orochimaru’s Hideout To Bring Sasuke Back10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 6

Sasuke and Naruto’s fight in the Final Valley wasn’t the first nor the last time that the two clashed as Naruto tried to bring Sasuke back to the village. On another occasion, Naruto attempted to infiltrate Orochimaru’s lair and bring Sasuke (unwittingly) back.

Sasuke not only made it painfully clear that he didn’t want to go back and didn’t care about Naruto or Sakura as friends anymore, but he also tried to kill them.

3 When He Chased Deidara10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 7

Naruto’s biggest flaw (in terms of combat) is his tendency to mindlessly rush in and land direct hits on the enemy. He does it over and over again in both the original series of Naruto like in Naruto: Shippuden. When Deidara and Sasori of the Akatsuki kidnapped Gaara and killed him while extracting Shukaku, Naruto and his companions attempted to intervene.

Deidara fled with Gaara’s body and not understanding the least bit about the dangerous Akatsuki member, Naruto ran after him, leaving Sakura and Chiyo alone to deal with Sasori. When Naruto reached Deidara, Naruto’s fox cloak woke up, putting everyone in danger.

2 When He Kept Pursuing Sasuke After Everyone Else Gave Up10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 8

Even after Naruto’s first defeat in the Final Valley and after Sasuke attempted to kill him and sever their bond at Orochimaru’s hideout, Naruto did not give up on Sasuke; it takes a special kind of selfishness to move on after something like that. After everything they’d been through, there was no way Naruto was going to let Sasuke go. In his mind, they were bound for life, despite what Sasuke thought.

At every turn, Sasuke tried to fight Naruto. He attempted to kill Sakura one more time and that led to Naruto and Sasuke clashing once more in the Final Valley, during which they both lost an arm.

1 When He Wanted To Become Hokage10 veces que naruto actuo de forma egoista y pago el precio 9

Becoming Hokage was perhaps Naruto’s greatest achievement (besides saving the world multiple times). At least it is the achievement that he is most proud of and takes most seriously, as it was the culmination of all his hard work over many years. However, as Hokage, Naruto made a number of mistakes, including his family’s selfish neglect of him in favor of doing Hokage duties.

This turned Naruto’s son Boruto into something of a bad apple. Boruto resented his father and desperately tried to get his attention, cheating in the chunin exams to get it.