10 times Naruto made things worse

Naruto Uzumaki is known for his tendency to rush into situations without thinking about the consequences. For theGenerally, that makes others characters ofNaruto have to rush after him. For much of the series, Naruto overestimates his own strength in battle and does not have full control over his Nine-Tails powers, which is why he ends up being a source of stress for many of his companions.

Also, Naruto is a loudmouth, and while this helps him change villains’ minds at times, sometimes it just makes things worse.

10 He said he would not take the written exam, but left his exam sheet blank

Naruto could have kept his mouth shut when he got to the last question of the first phase of the Chunin Exam. However, he decided to make a bold statement about how he would never give up in front of everyone, embarrassing his teammates in the process.

Everyone in the room was inspired, although Naruto ended up looking like a fool. This got even worse when Ibiki found Naruto’s test and saw that he hadn’t answered a single question. Naruto had fooled everyone with his confidence to the end, but perhaps no one would have noticed if he had kept quiet. His inspirational speech also encouraged more of his competition to keep going, making the odds of passing the Chunin exams even slimmer.

9 He almost got his team disqualified when he was tempted to open the scrolls in the forest of death10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 1

Good thing Kabuto stepped in and prevented Naruto from going ahead with his incredibly bad idea of ​​opening the Chunin Exam scrolls after being warned not to. He almost got his entire team disqualified.

Naruto was only trying to help, as Orochimaru had pushed them back on the second test of the Exam. However, Naruto’s idea would certainly have ended badly for the hopeful ninja and his team.

8 yelled at Rock Lee during Chunin exams10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 2

Rock Lee gave it his all during his fight with Gaara in the preliminary matches for the Chunin Exam. He nearly died, and suffered serious injuries that must have ruined his chances of becoming a ninja again. However, Rock Lee never gave up. Even unconscious, he tried to continue the fight, and only Might Guy’s intervention stopped him.

Still, Naruto had to open his mouth and scold the passed out Rock Lee for “giving up”, turning the whole situation into a tragic disaster. Finally, Kakashi had to step in and silence him.

7 the fight with Sasuke on the roof probably pushed Sasuke over the edge10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 3

Sasuke Uchiha was enraged seeing that Naruto had defeated Gaara, and was further enraged that Naruto was reaching his power level. He always looked down on Naruto, and seeing him do well only made Sasuke feel more insecure of his abilities.

So, when Naruto fell for Sasuke’s taunt, effectively agreeing to fight him, Naruto certainly made things worse. Luckily, Kakashi was able to step in and redirect his attacks. Sasuke was further enraged to see that his Chidori did less damage than Naruto’s Rasengan, further convincing Sasuke to accept Orochimaru’s offer of power.

6 The promise to bring Sasuke back put a lot more weight on Naruto’s shoulders10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 4

Naruto could have chased Sasuke to the end of the world and back without making the promise he made to Sakura. Because of that promise, he put a lot more stress and responsibility on himself and Sakura, who would later see the mistake of asking Naruto to make that promise in the first place.

Naruto didn’t want to see Sakura sad. He knew how much she loved Sasuke. However, his promise was largely made by himself. Regardless of the reasons he made the promise, it made his quest to save Sasuke even more stressful for himself and those around him.

5 Naruto forgot about Shino and hurt his feelings10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 5

When Naruto returned to the Hidden Leaf Village and frantically searched for someone to go on a mission with, he came across Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuga, and Shino Aburame. However, she recognized everyone except Shino, who was offended by it.

Naruto made matters worse by continuing to ask Kiba and Hinata while ignoring Shino and constantly forgetting his name. Although it was a relatively minor blunder, it was hilarious and sad that he forgot about Shino and kept digging a hole for his forgetfulness.

4 He rushed after Deidara and put the entire team in danger10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 6

Naruto was outraged at the loss of Gaara. The two had come to a deep understanding during their fight in the original series, and few could understand each other like them. So when Gaara became Kazekage, he gave Naruto hope, and he was happy for his friend.

When Deidara fled with Gaara’s body, Naruto was understandably upset. However, his thoughtlessness forced Kakashi to leave Lady Chiyo and Sakura to fight Sasori alone. Furthermore, Kakashi was placed in a vulnerable position due to this.

3 Naruto took a chance by going into fox mode to fight Orochimaru10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 7

Jiraiya warned Kakashi never to let Naruto give in to the Fox Cloak, and once three tails appeared, it was all over. While Kakashi was trapped in the hospital and Naruto decided to go after Orochimaru, Captain Yamato was brought in. This was due to Yamato’s sealing abilities.

Even so, even Yamato had trouble sealing Naruto when he reached the four tails after being enraged by Orochimaru. He destroyed an entire landscape, injured Sakura, and nearly wiped out his chances of finding Sasuke.

2 He constantly gets into a hole with Sakura10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 8

Naruto had a crush on Sakura for a long time, but he always said the wrong thing. It was bad enough that she loved Naruto’s longtime rival, Sasuke, but her accidental insults constantly knocked down her chances of convincing her to consider him.

When Sakura got older, the consequences of Naruto’s misplaced comments were more serious, as he could decimate an entire landscape in one fell swoop. Naruto had to back down many times, but each time he did, it only made things worse.

1 antagonized all the Hokage10 veces que naruto empeoro las cosas 9

Naruto seemed to have no respect for any of the Hokage. Much of this was simply Naruto’s personality and his familiarity with the few Hokage he served. Although he aspired to be the Hokage himself, his actions towards each of the Hokage were of little use. She would often tear apart the city and terrorize the citizens when the Third Hokage was in power, and she did not hesitate to insult Tsunade while she was the Hokage.