10 times Naruto was an idiot

The Serie Naruto features some of the greatest and most iconic heroes in all of anime. The namesake of the title is no exception. Starting from the humblest of beginnings, Naruto crawled to the top. He learned a lot in his early years and earned the respect and admiration of his entire village.

Soon enough, Naruto became one of the strongest Shinobi, easily earning his title of Hokage. But despite being a much loved hero, Naruto is not always a symbol of pride for Konoha. Despite his growth throughout the series, there have been several moments where he has been annoying, immature, and just plain rude.

10 Vandalize the Hokage’s Rock in the first episode

Naruto’s first introduction to the public in Episode 1 features him as a hateful and troublesome child. They catch him smashing the faces of the four Hokage that appear on the mountain. Although he’s in trouble, he doesn’t seem to care about it and boasts that he will be bigger than all of them.

This joke may be nothing more than a rebellious kid acting to get attention, but that doesn’t make it any less disrespectful. It puts Naruto in a negative light early on, building viewers into an annoying brat.

9 Your confidence and irascible character put others in danger10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 1

As a child, Naruto is one of those who act first and think later. He always throws himself headfirst into things without coming up with a plan or thinking it through. Sometimes this works to your advantage. Most of the time, however, it hurts the mission and everyone involved.

Due to his cocky attitude, he endangers his friends and those he protects. His big ego makes him look careless. Even if this is not true, you give the impression of not caring about those around you.

8 He is blunt with his beliefs10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 2

One of Naruto’s greatest strengths is his unshakable faith. He has a very strong set of beliefs that he governs in life. Although it is an admirable trait, it can sometimes go too far with others. He has such strong feelings about some things that he tries to force others to do what he thinks is right.

A clear example is his reaction to Sasuke. Despite the serious crimes he has committed, Naruto is willing to forgive and forgive him. He wants everyone to treat the situation in a similar way and believes that they will, despite the fact that Sasuke has put his life and the lives of countless others in danger.

7 he disguises himself as Sasuke to trick Sakura into kissing him10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 3

In his genin days, Naruto’s infatuation with Sakura tends to cloud his judgment on several occasions. One time, in particular, he decides that it’s a good idea to jump on Sasuke and disguise himself in hopes of stealing a kiss from Sakura.

Not only is it a horrible idea, but it is also very troublesome to try to fool Sakura in this way. Naruto’s crush on Sakura can be quite creepy in general when they are kids. He leaves little room to wonder why Sakura is so upset with him at first.

6 Constantly brag about yourself10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 4

Throughout the series, Naruto displays a very cocky swaggering attitude towards those around him. Although his swagger may be a habit he develops due to ostracism from the village, that doesn’t make him any less annoying when he does. He seems to think his bragging makes him look cool.

All it really does is make it sound loud and obnoxious. Although it can be funny at times, this aspect of Naruto makes it difficult to animate early in the series.

5 Your job makes you an absent parent10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 5

There is no denying that Naruto’s job as the Hokage is extremely important. As the leader of the Leaf, you have to find time to protect the village. However, this leads to him having to juggle between his work life and his family life. Although this is a difficult task for anyone, it does not exempt Naruto from his absence in the lives of his children.

One of the biggest examples of his negligence is when he misses Himawari’s birthday, sending a shadow clone in his place. Missing the party is one thing. Instead, sending the clone into the shade is where it messes up. It implies that he cares more about his job than his family, although that couldn’t be further from the truth.

4 He teases everyone at the beginning of the Chunin exams10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 6

When the Chunin Exam begins, Team 7 joins in and meets the other genin for the first time. Naruto takes this opportunity to antagonize everyone present. He announces to them that he will be bigger than all of them, a common theme for Naruto in his early years.

His fellow genin don’t take his outburst very seriously. However, this outburst of hers is still rude and annoying. It’s another example of Naruto’s obnoxious behavior as a child that makes him hard to love at first.

3 Insult the Uchiha clan when Sasuke loses to Rock Lee10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 7

During the Chunin Exams, Team 7 runs into Rock Lee, who suddenly challenges Sasuke. Sasuke underestimates Lee and quickly loses before he can land a punch. After his defeat, Naruto speaks contemptuously to Sasuke. He taunts him for his defeat, even though he was also quickly defeated by Lee.

He takes this too far when he begins to insult the Uchiha Clan itself, saying that they shouldn’t be worth much if Sasuke lost. Although this is one more moment of rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto, it is still cruel. It may be unintentional, but his comments towards Sasuke are very hurtful and insensitive.

2 It is shown insensitive in the memorial stone10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 8

Kakashi leads his team to the Commemorative Stone, showing them the names of the heroes etched into the slab. Before he can continue, Naruto interrupts him, saying that he wants his name on the tombstone as well. He immediately retracts after Kakashi tells him that they are the names of those who died in the service of the village.

Naruto does not understand the importance of the stone nor the symbol of respect for the dead that it should be. He is still young and has to learn these lessons. Still, his outburst is callous and careless, showing that he prefers to make everything revolve around himself rather than listen respectfully.

1 Punish Boruto in front of everyone10 veces que naruto fue un idiota 9

During the Chunin exams in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto catches Boruto cheating with the Ninja Science Tool. He immediately gets in the way, exposing his son in front of the entire stadium. Boruto deserves to be caught and punished for cheating. However, Naruto handles the situation totally wrong. You should put him away and punish him in private. Instead, choose to humiliate him in front of everyone.

Boruto tells him that he broke down from the pressure and his feeling of helplessness. He thinks he would be a better ninja if Naruto were there to teach him. This moment is one of Naruto’s worst as a father and makes one understand why Boruto is always so hostile towards him.