10 times Sakura earned Naruto’s respect

In the franchise of Naruto , Sakura is one of Naruto’s best friends and one of his original teammates. As Naruto’s teammate, Sakura has gone through various missions with Naruto. Although he values ​​Sakura as a good teammate, she begins to doubt her own abilities when compared to the fearless Naruto and Sasuke. Due to these doubts, Sakura struggles with her disabilities.

However, Sakura ends up using these doubts to become a stronger teammate. This change in Sakura begins to occur slowly during the first series of the franchise. Finally, Sakura proves that she has become a unique and vital teammate for Naruto by learning her own set of skills.

10 Sakura is the first of her team to climb the tree

In one of his first missions, Kakashi teaches Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto how to climb a tree with their chakra. With her knowledge, Sakura figures out how to climb the tree immediately, unlike Sasuke and Naruto who ended up falling from their trees. Unlike the boys, Sakura easily combines her knowledge and technique on the first try. Sakura’s ability impresses Naruto to the point that he asks for help to climb higher than Sasuke. Sakura gives an explanation to Naruto, which helps him hone the skill.

9 Gives It All Against Ino’s Possessive Jutsu10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 1

During the preliminary battle for the final phase of the Chunin Exam, Sakura reveals her potential to Naruto and the rest of the audience by countering Ino’s jutsu. For this jutsu, Ino’s soul jumps into Sakura’s body, but Sakura defeats Ino when she hears Naruto cheer her on. Naruto’s cheers inspire Sakura to challenge and end Ino’s jutsu, allowing Sakura to regain control of her own body.

Since Sakura pulls Ino out of her body, the pink haired kunoichi avoids losing the battle. Thanks to this battle, Sakura has the opportunity to show her mental and physical strength to Naruto and his companions.

8 agrees to sneak food to Naruto during Kakashi’s bell test10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 2

After failing Kakashi’s test, Sakura and Sasuke can have lunch while Naruto must starve. In fact, before Kakakshi leaves, he orders Sakura and Sasuke to eat their lunches without sharing them with Naruto. However, Naruto starts to get hungry. Once Naruto’s stomach growls, both Sasuke and Sakura end up sharing their lunches. Although Sakura hesitates to accept it, she listens to Sasuke’s reasoning. Sasuke reminds him that Naruto would be more useful in the next test if he had lunch. Sakura agrees with Sasuke’s logic and decides to help Naruto, who is moved by the kindness of his companions.

7 He’s smart enough to answer questions during Chunin exams10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 3

During the Chunin exam, all ninjas receive a written test. As the test begins, Sasuke realizes that the supervisors intend for the examinees to cheat without being caught. Neither Sakura nor Naruto realize this solution. Since Sakura is the smartest partner, Naruto immediately believes that she can pass the exam. Due to this belief, Naruto refuses to fail the exam and to disappoint his teammates. Naruto’s appreciation is proven accurate because, while her teammates don’t know the answers, Sakura answers the questions using her knowledge without cheating.

6 Sakura shows her compassion when she decides to help Sasame10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 4

In the third season episode “A Village of Outlaws, the Shadow of the Fuma Clan”, Naruto and Sakura meet Sasame from the Rice Country. When they rescue Sasame, both Naruto and Sakura try to take care of her, and once she learns of Sasame’s past, Sakura wants to help Sasame. Almost immediately, Naruto agrees to help Sasame rescue his beloved. Although Naruto and Sakura can get into a fight, they care about each other, be it a close friend like Sasuke or a new acquaintance like Sasame.

5 Sakura decides to risk everything to go after Sasuke10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 5

In the third season episode “Deep Cover ?! A Super S-Ranked Mission!”, Naruto is injured and hospitalized. As a result, he is not allowed to go after Sasuke or train. As a result, Sakura decides to go after Sasuke alone.

When Sakura visits Naruto, he recognizes that he is going to follow Sasuke alone, so he decides to break the ropes and go with her. With her resolve and determination, Sakura shows Naruto that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her friend back.

4 She assures Naruto that it’s okay so he can help Idate finish the race10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 6

During Idate’s run, Sakura falls off a cliff with Sasuke when she tries to rescue him. Due to the height of the cliff, Sakura realizes that she and Sasuke cannot climb. Sakura knows the importance of Idate’s career, so she rejects Naruto’s help. Instead, Sakura urges Naruto to help Idate and make sure he finishes the race. Although Sasuke is unconscious, Sakura knows that Idate must win the race. As such, she shows that she can remain focused on Idate’s career, despite her and Sasuke’s circumstances.

3 wake Naruto from sleep to chase after Sasuke10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 7

During the battle between the sand ninjas and the Leaf Village, most of the audience is knocked out by a genjutsu during the Chunin exam finals. But Sakura is one of the ninjas who counteracts genjutsu to avoid being affected, unlike Naruto and most of his friends. Thanks to his quick thinking, Kakashi asks Sakura to wake up Naruto and chase after Sasuke. By staying awake, Sakura proves to be a reliable teammate when a sneak attack occurs.

2 Sakura tries to rescue Naruto and inspires him to escape10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 8

When Naruto is captured, Sakura and Sasame are forced to fight the enemy. By risking her own life in an attempt to rescue Naruto, Sakura inspires her teammate to break out of the enemy’s jutsu. Immediately after the battle, Naruto yells at Sakura for endangering her own life during the battle.

However, when Sakura doubts herself, Naruto confesses that Sakura’s rescue attempt is what inspires her to escape. Although Sakura is not directly responsible for rescuing Naruto, she gives him the willpower to escape.

1 Sakura shows Naruto that she can successfully heal wounds10 veces que sakura se gano el respeto de naruto 9

There are many times when Naruto or Sasuke end up defeating an enemy alone, and sometimes they both do it together. For a long time, Sakura believes that she has lagged behind her teammates in terms of skill. As a result, he ends up finding a unique technique that none of the guys have. This technique is his healing jutsu, which he learns from Tsunade. Sakura shows her jutsu to Naruto by healing a bird in front of him. Naruto is surprised when the bird can fly away.