10 ways Luffy and Naruto are the same

As part of the Big Three, One Piece Y Naruto they are pioneers who inspire current shonen anime. With their success, they continue to inspire audiences globally as well.

Naruto and Luffy have similar backgrounds that shape their characters, as well as their interactions with each other. Their cheerful personalities may seem annoying at first, but people find it difficult to avoid them. It is difficult for an antagonist to break his spirit due to his fierce desire to become the best and protect his loved ones. But between these traits, Naruto and Luffy have a lot more in common than people realize.

10 They are not afraid to express their sadness

Even with their goofy and energetic personalities, Naruto and Luffy aren’t afraid to show their tears. Crying has been the best way to express your frustration, anger, and even your greatest losses.

Whether it’s Naruto crying over Zabuza and Haku or Luffy crying over his broken friendship with Usopp, both boys are shown to have great empathy and are not ashamed to show it to others. That should be one of your greatest strengths.

9 They are immature to satiety10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 1

To the chagrin of their peers, Naruto and Luffy behave like children from time to time. They both pout, get angry, and even yell when they don’t get what they want. Naruto was more immature when he was younger, and complained when he couldn’t go on more advanced missions. He was desperate to show his strength, despite being a newly graduated genin.

In Luffy’s case, he is more than willing to drag his friends along with his whims, and his speech is often disrespectful, giving nicknames to enemies and those in authority. In most cases, you have no intention of hurting unless your loved ones have been hurt.

8 They love to be silly10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 2

Whether playing pranks or just acting chaotic, Naruto and Luffy love to get into any mischief. They often earn sidelong glances or even a good punch from their teammates.

In any case, they both love to make people laugh with their antics. Their energy is contagious, which makes them lively and fun. In serious situations, they know what to do to cheer up their friends, even if it means making a fool of themselves.

7 They are much smarter than they appear10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 3

Most would say that Naruto and Luffy are the most ignorant characters among their peers. Due to their recklessness and immaturity, it is difficult to determine when they pay attention to what matters.

Luffy falls asleep or wanders away during essential conversations, while Naruto often doesn’t seem to understand the situation. But that does not mean that they are completely ignorant of what is happening around them. Their apparent simplicity shows that they choose to focus only on what really matters. Often all they need to know is that someone needs their help.

6 They both love meat10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 4

Neither Naruto nor Luffy like vegetables, and they make that pretty clear in the food they choose.

Naruto loves his ramen, but whenever he visits Ichiraku Ramen he has to carry a slice of pork and a boiled egg inside. Luffy, on the other hand, loves meat. He spent most of his childhood fending for himself, so he has no problem hunting the closest animal for food. Even at sea, Luffy does not discriminate, as he is more than willing to sink his teeth into any sea creature, no matter how large.

5 They have an older brother figure that has been their inspiration10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 5

As children, Naruto and Luffy struggled to find their place in their worlds. Despite Luffy having Garp as a grandfather, both boys spent most of their childhoods without meeting their parents.

During his stay at the Ninja Academy, Naruto constantly caused problems for his teacher, Iruka Umino. His jokes and lack of interest in studies often earned him a long lecture. However, Iruka was the first person to show true concern for Naruto. The two began to spend more time together, and Naruto gradually began to see Iruka as a positive role model.

When Luffy is handed over to the Dadan family, he befriends his orphan partner Ace. Their relationship starts out difficult, as Luffy constantly goes after Ace and gets into trouble. But little by little they become comfortable with each other and bond due to their circumstances. Ace continued to take care of Luffy until his death, stating that he was grateful to be loved by his little brother.

4 His birthdays fall on vacation10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 6

It could be a coincidence, but Naruto and Luffy’s birthdays fall on major Japanese holidays.

Luffy’s birthday is May 5. His birthday falls on Children’s Day, which is the final celebration of Golden Week. This holiday celebrates children, respecting their individuality and happiness. As a stubborn and free-spirited Taurus, this party is a perfect complement to Luffy’s personality.

Naruto’s birthday is October 10, which makes him a Libra, and the holiday that usually falls on this day is Sports Day. Sports Day typically encompasses an annual sports festival held by schools and businesses, in which employees and students participate in various physical activities to promote teamwork and good health. Considering Naruto’s love for community and group collaboration, this holiday fits his personality perfectly.

3 They are selfless when they need it10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 7

Naruto and Luffy can be childish at times, but they know when to put others first. Considering Naruto’s position as Jinchuriki and Luffy’s connection to the legendary Monkey D. Dragon, the two understand his strength, and don’t hesitate to show it if it means protecting their loved ones.

Their mentors, Jiraiya and Rayleigh, showed them the meaning of their inner strength and encouraged them to use that strength to protect others.

2 They both care about their friends10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 8

Naruto and Luffy will do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones, even if it means hurting themselves in the process. Both boys understand loneliness better than anyone else and have also made meaningful connections throughout their stories. These connections have brought them out of isolation and helped them become the people they are today.

1 They are both more than willing to run straight into danger10 maneras en que luffy y naruto son iguales 9

Due to the nature of their worlds, Naruto and Luffy are constantly in danger. A new monster or bloodthirsty villain always appears threatening those closest to them. However, Naruto and Luffy are not afraid to face that danger head on.

No matter how strong the adversary is and no matter how dangerous the situation may seem, neither of the two protagonists will back down from a challenge. The difficulties they have faced and the connections they have made only reinforce their resolve, encouraging them to fight one more day.