10 worst things about Sasuke Uchiha

The Sasuke Uchihafrom naruto he describes himself as an avenger. He was traumatized at a young age when his older brother Itachi slaughtered his entire clan and left him an orphan and alone. His only goal after that was revenge. That is exactly what he set out to do when he teamed up with Orochimaru to gain power. However, he too embarked on a path of darkness.

Naruto Uzumaki never gave up on Sasuke and spent years trying to reach him and bring him back to the Hidden Leaf Village. In the end, Sasuke was forced to face his mistakes and crimes. Although he returned to the village and to the side of good, he could never fully distance himself from his former faults and evil deeds.

10 Sasuke is arrogant

Sasuke Uchiha had a reputation for being arrogant, and to some extent, he had reason to be. He was top of his class, he had a good balance of strategic thinking, inherent power and intelligence. However, he often took his confidence too far. He spoke contemptuously of others, considered himself superior and was not afraid to let people know.

After leaving the Hidden Leaf Village, this attitude only got worse. Until the end of Narutobelieved himself better and more powerful than Naruto Uzumaki.

9 Sasuke Cares More About Himself Than Others10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 1

Sasuke only had one goal and it was selfish. Although it could be argued that Sasuke wanted revenge on his brother for the entire Uchiha clan, Sasuke was incredibly obsessed with this to the point of being violent towards anyone and everyone in his path-even if they were his allies.

Sasuke cared so much about his goal and how it would make him feel that he alienated Naruto, Sakura Haruno, Karin and many others. He felt that his acts of violence were the only way to get revenge.

8 Sasuke Would Do Anything For Power10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 2

Since Sasuke was so obsessed with power, he was willing to do anything to get it. He hurt his friends (he nearly killed them at times), turned on his village, killed other loved ones, teamed up with Orochimaru, and leaned on the fuel of hate. Furthermore, he seemed to be so power-hungry that he could never stop, even before leaving the village.

Sasuke was willing to abuse his chakra and put his life in danger. He was willing to bite off more than he could chew when he fought Gaara, he didn’t care if the curse mark took hold of him in the process.

7 Sasuke Would Kill His Friends10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 3

Sasuke was so obsessed with revenge that he was completely willing to kill his friends, which was no different from those who killed their clans like Itachi did. However, Sasuke was not very successful in his endeavor. Although he and Naruto had many fights throughout the series, Naruto never succumbed to Sasuke’s power completely.

Sasuke was even willing to try to kill Sakura, his teammate, the woman who loved him and the person he would later marry, even though she wouldn’t give herself to him either.

6 Sasuke Is Obsessed With Revenge10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 4

The obsession with revenge that characterizes most of Sasuke’s sometimes one-dimensional personality is a quality that fans did not like. He had a single mind for violence, death and self-gratification, despite what he said about his intentions.

Being so determined to kill for revenge makes sense given how badly traumatized Sasuke was at such a young age, but it’s a character trait that makes him a villain.

5 Sasuke Is Impulsive When He Gets Angry10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 5

Although Sasuke was generally a good strategist and could think of great combat maneuvers quickly, he also tended to let his anger get in the way. Sasuke would get into a fight that he wouldn’t normally have taken head-on due to differences in his power level when he was angry enough.

This was exactly what happened with Sasuke’s first confrontation with Itachi. Sasuke was about to die at the hands of his older brother, who possessed more power than Sasuke could expect at his age.

4 Sasuke Doesn’t Take Care Of Himself And Doesn’t Consider The Consequences Of Chakra Overuse10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 6

Sasuke was reckless, especially in a fight. He got into a fight with Gaara during the Chunin Exams, though Gaara hadn’t done much directly to Sasuke. The two just wanted to test their skills on each other. However, both characters took it to the extreme. Gaara tried to fight him at first and became the Shukaku while fighting Sasuke afterwards.

Meanwhile, Sasuke abused his Chidori jutsu to the point of putting his life in danger and paid no attention to the curse mark, which spread across his body due to his excess chakra.

3 Sasuke is rude and insensitive10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 7

Sasuke is known for saying things out of line, especially to Naruto, who is probably the only person who could have hoped to understand Sasuke, as they both lost their families and were orphaned at a young age.

Sasuke was sure that Naruto could never know how he felt because Naruto had never met his family. However, the entire village ostracized Naruto for his entire life, but did not extend the same coldness to Sasuke.

2 Sasuke Underestimates His Allies10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 8

Along with thinking Sasuke was better than everyone else was Sasuke’s constant underestimation of his friends and allies. He barely paid attention to Karin and the others; she constantly looked over her shoulder at Sakura and Naruto, even after they faced him with an impressive new power.

Sakura’s incredible strength didn’t even make a dent in Sasuke when they first met after a long period of separation. Furthermore, Sasuke even underestimated the Nine Tails that lived inside Naruto.

1 Sasuke Tries To Do It All Alone10 peores cosas de sasuke uchiha 9

Sasuke never had to do any of the things he did on his own, but even when he was part of a chosen group, he was determined to be the solo avenger. Sakura even promised to throw the life out of him and help him get revenge, but Sasuke said no. He denied Naruto, as well as the new allies he met in Orochimaru’s ranks. He even planned to backstab Orochimaru, who he was using to gain power.

However, fans weren’t bothered that Sasuke wasn’t loyal to Orochimaru. It was just sad to keep seeing Sasuke make the same mistakes over and over until the final showdown with Naruto.