15 years of Naruto Shippuden: these were the best 5 anime fights

The growth of Naruto Uzumaki During the years that we enjoy it on screen, it is one of the things that we like the most about this extensive anime. That small, but inexperienced ninja graduate, who could not contain the attacks of the fearsome Orochimaru went to train with Jiraiya and returned as a mature warrior to protect the Hidden Leaf Village.

It was at this precise moment that he was born, on February 15, 2007, naruto shippuden, the sequel to the hit anime based on the manga of the same name. The level of fighting grew; the friends of the same young Uzumaki also matured and thus the lethal Team 7 was formed again.

Each duel, battle, or confrontation took our breath away with their amazing moves and display of skills, which combined to leave evidence of one of the best animated series in Japan. Therefore, it is time to count down and specify what we believe were the best five fights in all of anime.

Five Best Naruto Shippuden Fights

Two friends face to face

In our weighting of the best fights, we go to the support of a publication of Alpha Beta. And the first one we have to name is one between two warriors who were once inseparable: Kakashi and Obito.

The most impressive thing about this fight that occurs when Kakashi discovers the true identity of his rival is that while the exchange of ninja movements is taking place, the anime flashes back to a fight they both had in the past. For many this is the last one that respects the essence of anime in this arc.

duel against a god

The Kages, made up of Tsunade (Hokage), Ōnoki (Tsuchikage), Mei Terumi (Mizukage), Gaara (Kazekage) and A (Raikage) were present on the battlefields in the Fourth Ninja World War. There they met Madara Uchihaconsidered a God among the shinobi.

The entire fight lasts more than 10 minutes. A single warrior equaling the level of five Kage is one of the highest points Naruto Shippuden ninja duels have.

Naruto before an old ally

see to Sasuke Leaving the village to join the ruthless Orochimaru was a turn that many saw coming, but was nonetheless surprising when it happened. Since then, we have all been waiting for the duel against Naruto. So much so that it was a special that was divided into two parts developed in El Valle del Fin.

Both deployed their best tools to end with a clash between the most representative techniques of both: the rasengan and the chidoriNaruto’s energy ball being the winner.

battle between brothers

Another of the most anticipated duels in all of Naruto Shippuden was the one played by the brothers Sasuke and Itachi. Ever since Sasuke left the village he always pursued the goal of becoming more powerful than his older brother. So, he got a chance to prove it in an exciting fight that every anime fan enjoyed.

the most powerful shinobi

Everyone refers to him as “Leader”, but his name is Pain. He murdered Naruto’s teacher Jiraiya and this is reason enough for a showdown on the young ninja’s return to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Uzumaki faced the most powerful of the Akatsuki and thus demonstrated what he learned after completing his training on Mount Myōboku. Mastering the Sennin Mōdo was key to being able to face Pain as equals.