3 animes that were inspired by Mexico and you have to see before Naruto

Mexican culture cannot be overlooked. Many have tried to recreate or take elements of Mexico for movies and series, because our culture is very colorful, with a very interesting past that still intrigues many today. Usually not talked about anime that have been inspired by our culture. Of course Naruto either demon slayer They are great references and but there are other very good ones, inspired in our culture that is very much worth seeing.

if you are tired Boruto and you want to see something refreshing, you will see that these anime They will hook you from the first moment. Share them with your friends to see what they think about them. To see something known represented but passing through the filter of the anime It is very interesting and if you are a fan yes or yes you have to see them.

Which ones are the best anime inspired in Mexico?

These are some anime inspired by Mexico that you will love

Quetzalcoatl | Fate/Grand Order

With a very interesting premise, this anime represents the Mexica deity as a woman. Perhaps for some this may be shocking, but let’s remember that they are inspirations, and that is why it is worth taking up elements and reinterpreting them. With great battle scenes this anime you will love it

Onyx Equinox

If you are looking for something more grounded in what was the Aztec society, this anime You’ll love it. And it is not a coincidence, the creator of this anime It is Mexican and that is why it is so precise. The story is about an Aztec boy who will be saved by the gods when he wants to take her away from him due to the death of his sister. From there, he will have an adventure throughout the Mesoamerican territory because he will have to save humanity.

yasutora sado

Even though this anime not located in Mexico, a character of Mexican descent does appear, who has very cool powers. Maybe he’s not so loaded with Mexicobut it’s still worth watching this exciting anime.

where can you see the anime inspired in Mexico?

Many of the anime mentioned you can find them on platforms like Crunchyroll. Especially on this platform you can find a wide variety of anime. Onyx Equinox is on this platform, for example. Don’t miss any of these animewe assure you that you will like it.

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