3 arcs from the anime Naruto and Shippuden that fans consider must-see

Naruto from Masashi Kishimoto is known as one of the “three great hits of Shonen Jump” in anime and manga. It features an exciting combat system, emotionally shocking characters, and scenes that engage readers with the entire cast.

Fans also agree that certain story arcs are based more on these elements than others. The first arc in the series simply set everything up, while many fans say that the arc of the Fourth Great Shinobi War lasted too long and suffered from a sudden villain in the end.

Likewise, fans can largely agree that three particular story arcs from the original anime and Naruto Shippuden available on Crunchyroll, have the best action, highest drama, and game-changing plot developments. play.

What is the best Naruto saga?

Chunin Exam Arc – Original Anime (Photo: Pierrot)

  • The Chunin Exam – Naruto

The Chunin Exam arc propelled the series into high gear, introducing dozens of new characters from Might Guy and Anko Mitarashi to Neji Hyuga and Gaara of the Sand. But this story is loved for more than its extensive cast of relevant characters.

The saga of Chunin exam was over a tournament bow, an examination arc and revealed the story of Gaara and his thirst for blood. We also saw the story of Rock Lee’s struggle to overcome natural talent, and it was the highlight of the friendly rivalry of the protagonist and Sasuke at the same time.

This arc had more developments and famous scenes than any other, always remembering to add some serious emotional impact along the way. Sakura screamed in horror when Sasuke first used his curse mark.

Might Guy was reduced to tears when he saw the unconscious Rock Lee rise to face Gaara once more in their iconic battle. Sasuke’s first use of Chidori also occurred during the Chunin Exam arc.

Sasuke’s Recovery Arc – Original Anime (Photo: Pierrot)

  • Sasuke’s Recovery – Naruto Shippuden

The bow of Sasuke’s recovery is famous for taking the Uzumaki and Sasuke rivalry to the next level. By now, Sasuke was deeply frustrated at his lack of progress, prompting him to leave Hidden Leaf Village. This decision affected the rest of the entire Masashi Kishimoto franchise.

The emotional and personal risks were high for both the protagonist and Sasuke, as the blonde made several intense emotional confessions that fell on unsympathetic ears. This arch also saw the rise of Shikamaru Nara as a true squad leader, and was promoted to Chunin for this very reason.

Shikamaru was no longer a scathing character, as he had been defined by his leadership skills, and this became his litmus test against the Four of Sound. Recovery bows are common in the anime, but Masashi Kishimoto’s version stands out because it wasn’t simply about “rescuing our captured friend from the enemy fortress.”

This time the friend was actually the enemy and there was no going back. Fans felt the pain of Sasuke’s abandonment as acutely as Uzumaki himself, making it an unforgettable development. Despite the hero’s narrow defeat, the bow ended on an optimistic note, a rarity in itself.

Arco de Pain – Shippuden (Photo: Pierrot)

  • Invasion of Pain – Naruto Shippuden

This is possibly the Most popular story arc in Naruto ShippudenEspecially since some fans feel that pound for pound, Shippuden couldn’t quite match the original series.

The protagonist was no longer a helpless child, and the series’ power levels were escalating out of control. Fortunately, Shippuden’s Pain bow has more to offer than a giant jutsu and a mega-powerful Uzumaki.

This time the battle got personal, pitting two of Jiraiya’s beloved students against each other: Naruto vs Nagato, with the latter fighting through his puppet Yahiko. The protagonist and Nagato had learned the same lessons from Jiraiya, regarding the cycle of pain and hatred and the quest to break it.

This became a central theme for Shippuden and has many real-world applications, making it a very resonant and emotional story to follow. The stakes rose further with Jiraiya’s tragic death, destroying a vital pillar in Uzumaki’s life and forcing him to survive and win on his own.

Even the Leaf Village itself was lost, but the protagonist and the villagers hoped to rebuild it. Pain’s arc also saw Hinata’s first major confession of love to the hero, which helped solidify their fledgling (and very popular) romance. Its popularity is so great that the franchise recently announced a play that adapts the Arch of Pain.

This story felt like the culmination of absolutely everything that came before, including the events that took place even before Episode 1. For more details, The Truth News invites you to read all about the naruto and hinata love story.

How old is the Naruto anime?

The anime celebrates its 19th anniversary in 2021, as the show first premiered on October 3, 2022. The manga is soon celebrating its 22nd anniversary, since its debut on September 21, 1999 and is now continuing with its sequel. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations en MANGA Plus.

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