3 characters from all over Naruto who would easily defeat the mighty Itachi Uchiha in combat

Before starting with this argumentative text on why the great Itachi was not the best character, we must clarify some points that will help us clarify these arguments even more. The first thing we should talk about is that only characters that were in the life timeline with Itachi.

In addition, we will use canon moments as non-canon moments Naruto. Once you understand this, let’s start with the reasons that make Itachi not the most powerful character in Naruto. It is worth mentioning that we will be comparing the characters with a Itachi at 100% of his power, that is, an Itachi who was never affected by his illness or by his blindness.

The first character that could easily defeat Itachi in combat would be his father: Fugaku. Itachi and Sasuke have shown us that two people can have the same ability to Mangekyo, Amaterasu. Because of this, it can be assumed that family members obtain or have the opportunity to obtain the same ability as a close relative, Fugaku was his father.

So with what we know about his family and what is said about his Mangekyo ability. It is quite possible that Fugaku possessed the Tsukuyomi. As for what his other Mangekyo ability is, there isn’t much evidence for this at all. However, many people assume / guess that it is a form of prediction, etc. To see a little into the future and predict things ahead, but cannot see the result.

People say this due to some fairly transparent and not so stable evidence as Fugaku knew Itachi was coming to assassinate them. So with the power of prediction on his side, he could find hundreds of ways to eliminate Itachi in hand-to-hand combat.

Minato Namikaze: El’Cuarto Hokage’ He could have been a formidable rival for Itachi during the 4th ninja, remember that although the ‘Fourth’ did not have Kekkei Genkai, he became one of the most important characters in the series. The skill with the seals of Minato helped free the Kyubi. One of the best feats of this character was managing to hit Obito and almost kill him with a single attack.

In a fight against Itachi, Minato could make use of his “Jutsu: God of Flying Thunder” technique, which essentially allowed him to move anywhere with the use of special seals, almost as if he were teleporting. If he managed to overcome Itachi’s visual speed and mark him with one of the many seals he knows, he could disable Itachi’s Mangekyo and thus defeat him using the power of Senjutsu and Kurama in a Rasengan.

Shisui Uchiha: If you pay attention, we are in front of the most powerful character in all of Naruto. Shisui’s power allowed him to control the minds of his enemies (Kotoamatsukami), this without them realizing the manipulation of which they were victims, in addition, Shisui’s multiplication technique was unique among the ninjas.

One thing to keep in mind is that thanks to the death of this character, Itachi gets his Mangekyo Sharingan. So if Shisui doesn’t die, Itachi wouldn’t get his Mangekyo, but let’s get straight to the point, let’s give the power of the Mangekyo to Itachi and face these two.

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Shisui’s Shadow Technique could easily be destroyed by Itachi’s Amaterasu, but how long would it take Shisui to make Itachi fall into his Genjutsu? Many will not agree that Shisui was stronger than Itachi as he managed to be defeated by a Danzo with Sharingan implants and the help of 10 Anbus.

But once Itachi falls into the Kotoamatsukami, everything will be over, although Itachi can free himself using the Izanami and Izanagi, Shisui would have already acted and eliminated Itachi, let’s remember that this was also a prodigy of the village, so he would know perfectly what Itachi is capable of.

But, just think for a moment, without Shisui’s eye; the 4 war would never have ended, thanks to this Itachi managed to undo Kabuto’s resurrection jutsu. I think this is evidence enough to say that the most powerful character in Naruto is Shisui Uchiha himself.