3 manga to read absolutely if you like the universe of Naruto

One of the most popular manga in history, Naruto has won over crowds with its dive into the world of ninjas. Find the magic with these 3 mangas.

Naruto, a worldwide success on the ninja world

The universe of ninjas has something to challenge us. These Japanese fighters specializing in espionage and unconventional warfare tactics have inspired many works around the world, in all cultural sectors (films, literature, video games). The best known of these is certainly naruto. The manga imagined by Masashi Kishimoto has distilled us with moving life lessons to apply on a daily basis.

Sold over 25 million copies in France, the work immerses us in a difficult world, where ninjas are often perceived as tools and pawns to dispose of rather than as human beings. It allowed a whole generation to become familiar with the shinobis and their techniques of subterfuge.

If you are fascinated by world-building and the peculiarities of ninja society, here are 3 manga that will help you explore a universe as complex as it is interesting to follow.

3 manga about ninjas to discover and enjoy

First work of our selection, Basilisk is a seine who does not hesitate to show all the tragedy and cruelty of the ninja world. Violent and realistic, the story arises from the inability of a feudal lord to decide which of his two sons will take over the empire in his place. In order to force his choice, he develops an atypical contest to decide between them: let the two clans of ninjas under his thumb fight to the death, each representing his children.

If the fight is accepted with joy by the chiefs of clans, rivals who hate each other, their heirs are less delighted. And for good reason: they are madly in love with each other. In the middle of the battlefield, their love and loyalty will be constantly tested. Discover Volume 1 of Basilisk by clicking on the image.

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back to gender shonen with Nabari, a manga that borrows a lot from Naruto. It narrates the adventures experienced by Miharu Rokujô, a student who suffered an attempted kidnapping by a ninja clan. because of a hidden technique contained in his body, the most powerful ever developed. Reminds you of something? Now in danger, the young high school student is forced to train in ninjutsu and immerse himself in a world that is foreign to him, with hidden villages that are at war.

If you want to embrace this familiarity, click on the image to discover volume 1.

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Finally, we end with The snow tigera manga that chronicles the life of Japanese lord Uesugi Kenshin, who ruled with an iron fist during the Sengoku period, the time when the Japanese provinces were constantly at war with each other. In this story, and according to a very real theory, the powerful leader is re-imagined as a woman. Raised as a boy, she has no idea of ​​the incredible destiny that awaits her. Click on the image to discover the first volume.

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So which one do you prefer?