3D lamp, figurine, a pendant… these very stylish Naruto products for less than 50 €

As a manga enthusiast, the name Naruto Uzumaki cannot be foreign to you. And for good reason, the most famous ninja of the village of Konoha has been unleashing crowds in the four corners of the hemisphere since 1999.

By creating the fictional character of narutothe mangaka Masashi Kishimoto probably didn’t expect to generate a global craze. However, this orphan rejected by everyone in the village of Konohagakure ended up arousing admiration across borders, all generations combined.

This shōnen rooted in the purest Japanese tradition traces the perilous course of this ninja whose mental strength is as immeasurable as it is fascinating. The narration revolves mainly around the exponential progression of this being without real talent at the origin, that self-sacrifice will lead to a extraordinary destiny.

Naruto on all fronts

Since the 2000s, narutoand its emblematic characters such as Kakashi, Sasuke, Itachior Orochimaru saw their popularity skyrocket. As the years go by, the universe of shinobi (ninja) has expanded mainly through the phenomenal success caused by the various volumes of the manga.

An animated by 720 episodesseveral films, video games by tensand even an amusement park, naruto has been exported in many fields since its birth. So much so that thousands of derivative products bearing his image have seen the light of day, sometimes with awesome concepts for those who marvel at the exploits of this ninja with unsuspected powers.

A pendant worn by Naruto, do you like it?

Since his earliest childhood, naruto only lives for one and only reason: to become Hokage, in other words the chief of his native village. Except that before reaching the supreme distinction, the host of the nine-tailed fox demon called Kyubi (Where Kurama according to your preferences) is doomed to suffer the ruthless rules that govern the ninja world.

The most assiduous will undoubtedly remember this moment when Tsunade offers him the pendant worn by the first Hokage in person : Hashirama. A symbolic gift since this member of the legendary threesome sees in him the reincarnation of the dream expressed by his little brother, but also his fiancé, both deceased.

Know that it is possible to obtain an extremely qualitative replica of this precious object, for an amount less than €20.

Naruto pendant Etsy

A Funko Pop figurine for decoration

For the collectors at heart, this vinyl figure with a size of approximately 9cm will complete their panoply. A little free advice for those who intend to start a collection of figurines Funko-Popknow that the products sold without packaging original or supplied in a damaged box lose all of their value.

The design of this one should no doubt seducein particular thanks to the beauty as well as the clarity of orange yellow colors dazzling trees sported by naruto.

Naruto Funko Pop Figure Cdiscount

A game of Monopoly in Konoha

With this Monopoly special edition narutoyour primary objective will be to become a shinobi literally invincible, by investing financially in the most powerful characters in the ninja world. Also take the opportunity to draw cards Coaching and Assignment of a great variety, while moving on the board using hyper original pawns.

Monopoly Naruto E.Leclerc

Fall asleep with a Naruto 3D bedside lamp

If the last vision you want to have just before falling into the arms of Morpheus is called narutothis 3d lamp will be your best ally. Its soft and uniform light interchangeable under 16 different colors will come to broadcast a beautiful optical illusion in your room, in addition to being a very modern decorative object.

Usable as a night light, this LED night lamp is the perfect gift for your child.

Naruto 3D lamp Cdiscount

A pair of Asics in collaboration with Naruto

We couldn’t resist the urge to tell you about this collaboration between the cult anime and the brand Asics. On the purely visual aspect, it must be admitted that the aesthetics of this pair Gel-Lyte 3 Kakashi nothing ordinary. A multitude of details related to this emblematic character come to sublimate it, like the presence of his Mangekyou Sharingan on the tongue, or the famous headband on the lower part of the laces.

To afford this pair, you will have to put your hands in the wallet more, but it is for a good cause.

Asics Gel-Lyte 3 Kakashi To run

It is therefore only by following a relentless training that the son Minato (the fourth Hokage) manages to achieve unparalleled power. Even if only to the rhythm of multiple clashesdisappointments and others tragedies who stand in his way naruto progresses, he represents for many the figure of the courage par excellence.

The receptacle of Kyubi is also proof that our traumas are not always undoubtedly doomed to lead us straight to failure or decline. On the contrary, since Naruto manages to build an unshakeable confidence in his abilities only by respecting his Nindō (code of conduct) : “I never go back on my word“.