5 Naruto Characters Spider-Man Would Work With (And 5 He Wouldn’t)

In the MCU there are many superheroes of all kinds, from the tactical leader Captain America to the martial artist Shang-Chi and the elite assassin Black Widow. There’s also Peter Parker, the young remote-controlled Avenger who can save the day with his unique spider powers and hand-to-hand fighting skills.

Spider-Man is a good Avenger, though he may have to start over and create a new team of heroes. If the MCU isn’t an option, you could visit fantasy anime worlds like the one in Naruto and create a new team of Avengers. After all, the ninjas of Nar uto are a lot like the heroes of the MCU, and Spider-Man could recruit a lot of them for his team.

10 CAN WORK WITH: Ino Yamanaka Can Interrogate Enemies With Genjutsu

Spiderman needs some ninja partners who can do things he can’t. After all, he’s seen the Avengers at work, and he’s seen the variety of their unique talents, from Doctor Strange’s magic and War Machine’s weapons to Thor’s light attacks and more. ninjas from naruto They are also very varied.

Ino Yamanaka is an intelligent and talented kunoichi who can use her family’s hidden jutsu, the Mind Transfer jutsu, to great effect and even extract information from a target. If Spider-Man catches an enemy ninja in his webs, Ino will have an easy time executing her jutsu on the stationary target.

9 WOULDN’T WORK WITH: Gaara’s sand gets in the way5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 1

Everyone knows how enormously powerful Gaara of the Sand can be. After all, he was once the host of the one-tailed Shukaku, and became a Kazekage as a teenager. But while Gaara is devastating with his sand-based jutsu, he actually makes a bad teammate for most ninjas, even fellow Sand Villagers.

Gaara can engulf the entire battlefield in sand and crush his enemies with it, but in doing so, Gaara often sidesteps his allies and leaves them with little room. Sandstorms and spider webs don’t mix well, so Spider-Man isn’t going to invite Gaara to his team after all. And it would remind him unpleasantly of Flint Marko/Sandman.

8 WOULD MAKE WITH: Neji Hyuga Can See Enemies From Afar5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 2

The mighty Hyuga clan has a kekkei genkai that no other ninja clan can match: the famous Eye of Byakuygan. These ninjas can see chakra from afar, and can even see the enemy’s chakra points so they can block those points with the Gentle Fist technique. Thus, the Hyugas are great explorers.

Spider-Man will fight many ninjas in this world, so he would like to have a Hyuga, specifically Neji Hyuga, whose eyes can detect the enemy before they can make a move. So, Spider-Man can take the initiative and capture them with his webs. And in a pinch, Neji can back him up in close combat.

7 WOULDN’T WORK WITH: Shikamaru Nara Feels Redundant5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 3

Shikamaru is famous for his brilliant mind, with an IQ of just over 200, and can plan a battle dozens of moves in advance, much like a game of shogi. He can also perform the shadow possession jutsu, the hidden one of the Nara family. He even defeated Akatsuki’s monstrous ninja Hidan with these moves.

Spider-Man would respect Shikamaru’s abilities, but Shikamaru’s traps and shadow jutsu are too similar to what Spider-Man can already do with his webs, and he doesn’t want redundant teammates. And when it comes to strategy and leadership, Spider-Man has a pretty sharp mind of his own.

6 WOULD MAKE WITH: Kakashi Hatake Is Flexible In Combat5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 4

Kakashi Hatake is known as the copycat ninja, as he has replicated countless jutsu with the use of his single Sharingan eye, a gift from Obito Uchiha. And while Kakashi doesn’t specialize in any particular strategy or jutsu, he’s an expert in everything, and Spider-Man likes that.

Anything Spider-Man needs Kakashi to do during a mission will get done, no matter what, and that’s not all. Kakashi also has a sharp and clever tactical mind, like Shikamaru’s, and has the advantage of not matching Spider-Man’s strengths. Easily enter the team.

5 WOULDN’T WORK WITH: Kiba Inuzuka Is Too Simple5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 5

Spiderman knows what melee warriors can do, having seen the Incredible Hulk and Captain America in action. He wouldn’t mind having some melee specialists on his team, but he won’t be too impressed by Kiba Inuzuka.

Kiba is proficient in dog-based melee jutsu such as Fang on Fang, but Spider-Man can do better. And while Kiba can spot enemies with his canine nose, Spider-Man has already recruited Neji Hyga to spot the enemy. Kiba doesn’t offer enough to join the Avengers from naruto .

4 WOULD MANUFACTURE WITH: Sai’s Ink Summons Are Useful5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 6

The quirky ninja known as Sai joined Team 7 in early naruto shippuden as a substitute for Sasuke Uchiha, and his fighting style is quite different from Sasuke’s. Instead of the Sharingan and Chidori, Sai can use scrolls and ink brushes to create ink animals for a quest.

Sai can make tigers for melee attacks or birds as aerial mounts and use mice to spy on the enemy. Sai isn’t the strongest ninja, but he’s competent, and Spider-Man could find more than one use for those ink animals, especially the giant birds. After all, you need air support.

3 I WOULDN’T MAKE WITH: Hinata Hyuga Isn’t At Neji’s Level5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 7

It won’t take long for Spider-Man to realize that various ninjas have fairly similar abilities, and he must choose accordingly. The Hyuga clan does not only have Neji: there is also Hinata Hyuga, born into the main branch of the family.

Hinata learned to be a brave and strong ninja like her hero Naruto, and she has come a long way since those early days. Ultimately though, Neji is the stronger of the two, so he would recruit Neji and let Hinta keep his own team after all.

2 WOULD MAKE WITH: Tsunade Can Heal People And Throw A Heavy Punch5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 8

The three legendary Sannin are students of Hiruzen Sarutobi himself, and each of them is a formidable ninja with a unique animal theme. Spider-Man would point-blank refuse to work with Orochimaru, while Jiraiya the Toad Sage fights better on his own.

There’s also Tsunade, who would be a nice addition to Spiderman’s ninja Avengers. She’s a devastating hand-to-hand fighter and a skilled medical ninja, and Spider-Man would immediately see the value in that. If pressed, Tsunade can also summon the giant slug Katsuya to help her.

1 WOULD NOT MANUFACTURE WITH: Konohamaru Is Still Training5 personajes de naruto con los que spiderman trabajaria y 5 con los que no 9

Konohamaru is Naruto’s rival and Hiruzen Sarutobi’s grandson. This young ninja is determined to step out of his grandfather’s long shadow and find a way to define himself as a ninja, and his rivalry with Naruto helps push him towards this goal. He even learned the sexy jutsu and Rasengan technique from Naruto.

Konohamaru is working hard, but as of Shippuden, he’s not ready for an S-rank Avengers mission yet, so he won’t earn a spot on Spider-Man’s team just yet. You’ll need more than just a symbolic Rasengan and a sexy jutsu to fight alongside Peter Parker.