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We had previously presented our list of 5 reasons to watch “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”, however, to get to the story of the Hokage’s son, it is necessary to know the story behind it, long before having fulfilled his dream. That is why in this note we leave you 5 reasons for you to start watching “Naruto”.

By Alexander Sanchez

Naruto is a series based on the manga of the same name, created by Masashi Kishimoto and animated by the Pierrot studio. This anime premiered in 2002 through the TV Tokyo television network, while the illustrated work on which it is based had its first publication in 1999 by the Shueisha publishing house. From that moment the series would not stop growing until today since it has a large number of chapters, sequels, movies and even video games. Today we bring you 5 reasons to immerse yourself in the ninja world of Naruto.

5 reasons to see NARUTO four bastards

The ninja are nothing new, in fact, they are a fairly old group, since they were essential during the Sengoku period in the history of Japan, approximately in the 15th century, a rather unstable time full of war conflicts for the struggle for power. internal of the country. The ninja, or shinobi, were a group of mercenaries trained in unorthodox ways of waging warfare, including espionage, sabotage, reconnaissance, guerrilla warfare, and assassination.

Although the universe of Naruto It is not the most peaceful that exists, because in the timeline of this anime they had also gone through recent wars and it was not something strange that there were conflicts between villages, the reality of the ninjas that kishimoto shows has many different points to what happened in the true Japanese history.

For example, real-life ninja were generally mercenaries from lower social classes, hired by feudal rulers to mainly do dirty jobs such as espionage or assassinations, since these did not have codes of honor as was the case with the samurai.

in the world of Naruto Becoming a ninja is seen as one more profession within all the villages, being even the dream and aspiration of most children, which is why there are academies that train them and later categorize them according to the level they have reached from local and inter-village examinations. In this case, they are also hired to carry out missions, but they can range from rescuing lost cats to escorting princes, since in this universe the ninja is not seen in such a negative way.

Something in which this anime stands out without a doubt is in its musical section, since it not only has nine rather iconic openings, but also has a very good and well-known musical score for all kinds of scenes within the episodes. For example, it is more than likely that you have ever heard the song Sadness and Sorrow in some video, meme or audiovisual material that seeks to express a lot of sadness, as well as it is very capable of recognizing the song The Rising Fighting Spirit if you hear it somewhere. Well, those two examples are just some of the soundtracks that came out of Naruto that transcended and ended up forming part of popular culture.

As for the openings, it is safe to say that they were in charge of providing one of the best experiences to the fans for each time a new chapter began, since each introductory song has something that makes it memorable, however, the most notable openings for the fans are the second (haruka kanata), fourth (GO), and the ninth (swaying).

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Something that clearly could not be missing in an anime about ninjas are the fights, and definitely Naruto It perfectly meets this section, since it includes various action scenes with a fast and varied pace, making each battle feel like something totally new and nothing repetitive as the chapters progress and the series becomes more complex. The use of ninja tools like shurikens, kunais, and special scrolls, as well as all kinds of weapons, make this plot element a fan favorite and one of the most prominent among shōnen.

This work has several ways of carrying out the confrontations, mainly through special techniques that each character trains in their own way, which again provides great variety and originality to each chapter. These techniques are separated into three categories: Taijutsu, a fighting style that focuses on physical skills; Ninjutsu, techniques that need the chakra, which is the basic energy source that every ninja has inside; and finally Genjutsu, which is based on techniques that affect the chakra in the victim’s nervous system to cause illusions.

It should be noted that a large number of people began to see Naruto thanks to the fight scenes that were on YouTube (or currently on any social network), but it is one of these fights that always stands out and attracts more people: Rock Lee vs Gaara. It is up to everyone who is reading this to go see that video, but we promise that you will not regret it.

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Something that happens with many anime is that, at a certain point in the story, it focuses almost exclusively on the protagonist. Although his name is the title of this series, Naruto is not the only one that receives attention in terms of character development, since the numerous secondary characters that accompany him (or face him) also advance at the same time, as well as the most of his personal stories.

And this is not only seen with Naruto’s two closest teammates, but with almost every ninja in the series. A great example of this is seen in the teams led by Might Gui, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yūhi, since throughout the series we get to know every aspect of the personality of the members of these groups, as well as we can witness their evolution. as shinobi.

However, this great development also counts for the antagonists that appear in the anime, since almost all of them have a good background and motivation, it is very difficult to find in anime. Naruto a villain who is bad just because, and that is another very interesting point that this work presents, because even the villains have reasons that will leave you thinking.

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It is not for nothing that he is constantly rubbing shoulders with Goku and Luffy at the level of popularity, and Naruto is a protagonist with all the letters. The young ninja has a clear objective, he has a dream and he has internal demons that torment him, but even so he continues fighting for the path of good. Naruto has all the characteristics necessary to become an ideal leading character, and this first series shows in the best possible way his origin, from his countless first falls and failures, to the first times he emerged victorious and managed to prove to everyone that he could be a great ninja

Naruto never had it easy, he created a rebellious and joking personality to cope with his reality, the reality of an orphaned boy in a village who sees him as a monster and rejects him, without even knowing why and without any adult who loves him. explain. Little by little, he makes friends and teachers who help him advance through this difficult path of learning and self-discovery, giving viewers special moments that make it impossible not to empathize and become attached to this stubborn and heroic blond ninja, really! (Naruto phrase that you will hear throughout the 220 episodes).

After reading these reasons, we hope we have convinced you to see Narutothe story of an absolutely daring shinobi.

Title:Naruto1669992296 818 5 reasons to see NARUTO four bastards

Years: 2002-2007.

Country: Japan.

Creator: Masashi Kishimoto.

Address: Hayato Date.

Animation studio: Pierrot.

Music: Toshio Masuda.

Naruto Uzumaki is an outcast boy in the ninja village where he lives. Inside him resides the power of a beast that was on the verge of destroying the town years ago, the Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox, which makes no one want to get close to him because they consider him cursed. Despite his loneliness and his sadness, Naruto wants to be a ninja, but not just any: he wants to be Hokage, the leader of the village. On his way, his convictions will attract many friends and fellow travelers.