8 Worst Naruto Teaching Methods, Ranked

the hidden leaf of the Land of FireNaruto has given rise to many highly intelligent and talented shinobi. That said, there are also many teaching methods used that could raise eyebrows due to the fact that they push boundaries, raise issues of danger to children, or seem downright ineffective.

It is true that the story takes place in another world and that the Hidden Leaf is on the cusp of war at all times, as he takes it upon himself to raise and train the next generation of ninjas as thoroughly and succinctly as possible. However, this does not change the fact that many modern viewers would have a thing or two to say about certain training techniques.

8 Kakashi Just Tells Naruto To Perform A Technique

The rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is an integral component of their relationship, and Naruto often defines his progress using Sasuke himself as a measuring stick. When Sasuke reappears during the final phase of the Chunin Exams (having learned the advanced Chidori Jutsu from Kakashi), Naruto asks his sensei to teach him the same after Orochimaru and the Sound Village threat have been nullified. In a show that shows how Kakashi and Sasuke probably understand the new jutsu, Kakashi gives a terse explanation to Naruto, basically telling him to reach out and focus. Given that Jiraiya has already established that Naruto has problems with hyperactivity and concentration at school, which requires specific ways to learn new techniques, it’s not surprising that he fails.

7 Starvation Works Wonders Apparently8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 1

Team 7 fails the first part of Kakashi’s bell test as they don’t understand the need to work together. Sasuke has a superior attitude, Naruto wants to do everything himself, and Sakura is too worried about Sasuke to focus. Kakashi then gives Team 7 one more chance to prove themselves: not to feed a tied up Naruto while they take their lunch break.

Of course, the secret lesson is still teamwork, with the idea of ​​being disobeyed for the well-being of their partner, which Sasuke and Sakura do. However, as pedantic as it sounds, feigning an injunction not to feed a child while food is being waved in front of him seems a bit cruel.

6 Sakura Didn’t Thrive With The Hands-Off Approach8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 2

Good thing Tsunade Senju, because otherwise Sakura wouldn’t have had any kind of individualized instruction that was aimed at really improving her skills, giving her a specialty. While Sasuke received most of Kakashi’s special instruction for some time out of necessity and Naruto was able to fill in some gaps with Jiraiya’s teachings before the timeskip, Sakura seems to have been left to her own devices after grasping the basics. Although Kakashi acknowledges her potential in genjutsu and chakra control, no follow-up is made of her abilities under her tutelage. Only under Tsunade’s tutelage does Sakura become a combat medical ninja.

5 The Might Guy Method Is An Exercise In Extremes8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 3

Might Guy’s teaching technique emphasizes repetition and determination above all else. These lessons are exemplified with high-intensity penalty training regimens to ensure ninjas are always improving without being easily discouraged. Although in theory it is a good teaching method with proven success, like Rock Lee’s desire to be a strong shinobi with only taijutsu, it has its flaws. Not knowing when to quit can contribute to more damage, as evidenced by the fact that Lee tries to keep fighting Gaara during the Chunin Exams, even while he is unconscious. Even Tsunade must teach Lee a lesson in restraint when he wants to attempt to climb several stairs by himself too soon after his operation.

4 Jiraiya Likes Sexy Jutsu Too Much8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 4

Although he is an entertaining and heroic mentor, Jiraiya also exhibits perverted characteristics that would not be seen today. In addition to spying on women as “research” for his series Icha Icha, Jiraiya is easily carried away by Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu. The technique is that he temporarily turns into a physically attractive and naked woman, and she manages to capture Jiraiya’s attention at all times. Jiraiya is supposed to be teaching Naruto (and he is), but he still makes inappropriate detours, accompanied by a child. If we add that the boy Naruto offers to do the Sexy Jutsu in exchange for more instruction from Jiraiya at one point, everything becomes a bit awkward.

3 A Thousand Years Of Death Is Wrong For Obvious Reasons8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 5

Although it seems like a large and powerful jutsu, the technique is simply to create a wedgie strong enough for the opponent to shoot out to escape the discomfort. Although it evokes a schoolyard prank that kids would pull on each other, it raises some questions about sexual harassment, even if it ends up teaching ninjas to pay attention to their surroundings and be on their guard. Also, you have to question the ethics of an adult teacher who regularly uses this tactic with one of his young students, regardless of whether it’s supposed to be a fun learning experience.

2 Jiraiya sends Naruto into an abyss8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 6

Ninjas often use sinking or swimming methods, with the purpose of causing enough desperation that their students realize the lesson they are teaching. Jiraiya’s attempt to get Naruto to draw on the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox is one such example. As Naruto continues to work on the Toad Summoning Technique, he is easily exhausted and can only summon a small one. Knowing of Kurama’s extraordinary power within Naruto and wanting him to harness it, Jiraiya throws an unconscious Naruto off a cliff to try and get results. Luckily, Naruto subconsciously communicates with Zorro and triumphantly uses his power to summon Gamabunta and stop his fall.

1 Orochimaru Experiments On His Students And Finds Them Disposable8 peores metodos de ensenanza de naruto clasificados 7

Orochimaru is known for his amoral scientific experiments with humans and jutsu. He is also a surprisingly good teacher, and those who learn from him benefit from increases in strength and skill. However, the trade-off is infinitely dangerous and definitely not worth it.

Although Orochimaru trains his students in unique and empowering ways, it is also accepted that he performs experiments on them, physically manipulating and augmenting their bodies for his own ends. This already poses an inherent risk, but Orochimaru regards his students as disposable and will willingly sacrifice them for his own benefit. Entering this nauseating association implies consent to this treatment.