9 Best Naruto Characters With Blonde Hair, Ranked

The hit shonen series Naruto is famous for its dazzling cast of diverse characters, and these characters come in all shapes, sizes, and even hair colors and outfits. Naruto Uzumaki is known for his garish appearance in his orange outfit and dazzling blonde hair, while Sakura Haruno stands out with her hot pink hair and red outfit of hers. Some characters also have green or blue hair.

With a huge cast of characters like this, fans of Naruto they can choose their favorite hair color and see how many characters from naruto have that hair color, and then see how similar or different they are to each other. Many characters in this series have black or brown hair, but there are also some blonde ones, and they have a lot to offer.

9 Shee Protects The Raikage At All Costs

Shee, also known simply as “C”, is a high-ranking ninja from the Land of Lightning and the Hidden Cloud Village. He appeared in part of naruto shippuden as one of the Fourth Raikage’s bodyguards and escorts, along with Darui.

There isn’t much more to say about Shee, and she hasn’t quite won the hearts of viewers either. However, her courage and her loyalty to her lord are commendable, and she is also quite helpful with her sensory abilities. No wonder the Raikge chose him for their escort.

8 Samui Also Fought For The Raikage9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 1

Samui is another of the Hidden Cloud ninjas who makes her appearance in naruto shippudenand unlike Karui and Omoi, she has an even-tempered nature and tends to remain calm, although she is also prone to muttering complaints about anyone or anything that upsets her.

Samui was only a minor character in Naruto, but even so, fans can appreciate his solemn dedication to duty, to his village, and to his Raikage lord. He also has a brother named Atsui, who is also quite a minor character.

7 Inoichi Yamanaka Is The Head Of The Family9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 2

Inoichi Yamanaka is the head of the Yamanaka ninja clan, and is also part of the Ino-Shika-Cho formation, along with Choza Akimichi and Shikaku Nara, something that their respective sons and daughter emulated in a new generation. Ino has learned a lot from his father.

Inoichi is the head of the Intelligence Division’s Analysis Team, making him a valuable asset to the Hokage. He also helped the Leaf Village deduce the truth about the Six Paths of Pain and figure out exactly how to defeat this terrible foe. Information from him helped Naruto save the entire village.

6 Temari is one with the wind9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 3

Temari is a native of the Land of Wind, and embodies that element in her ninjutsu. She carries an oversized fan that can generate deadly air blades at will, and can even fly with her fan like a glider. To top it off, Temari can also summon a powerful weasel with her own wind blade jutsu.

At first, the blonde Temari was a minor villain who participated in the “Konoha Crush” operation before switching sides. The Sand Village had been tricked and used by Orochimaru, and Temari and her siblings have been allies of the Leaf Village ever since. She even married Shikamaru Nara in adulthood and had a child with him.

5 Deidara likes explosive art9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 4

The Akatsuki organization is home to many bloodthirsty or unstable ninjas, including the former mercenary Deidara, hailing from the Land of Earth. He combines fire and earth release jutsu to form explosive clay animals, proudly declaring that true art is an explosion. However, Sasori does not think the same.

Deidara is known for many things, from his vivid blonde hair and eye accessory to his quirky personality and his final desperate battle against Sasuke Uchiha himself. He was killed by Sasuke, though he was revived with the Edo Tensei during the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

4 Ino Yamanaka Followed In Her Father’s Footsteps9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 5

Ino Yamanaka is a member of Team 10, along with Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi, creating the next generation of Ino-Shika-Cho. Ino first appeared in the chunin exam story arc as Sakura’s rival, but that’s not all that defines her. She is most known for her self-confidence, her Mind Transfer jutsu, and her role in her family’s flower shop.

Ino is a good Leaf ninja, but what impressed the fans the most from naruto it was a flashback in which, as a child, she gave an insecure Sakura a pep talk about her self-worth. In Ino’s words, Sakura was nothing more than a bud that would become a flower in the future, and that is something to be expected. Ino also defended Sakura from some bullies in that scene.

3 Minato Namikaze Was The Beloved Fourth Hokage9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 6

Minato Namikaze was once known as the Yellow Flash, being one of the fastest Leaf Village ninja of all time, if not the fastest. He was a young but brilliant Hokage in his time, and it was he who faced the Akatsuki and the nine-tailed fox one fateful night many years ago.

Minato was a loving husband and new father in those days, and on the very night of his son’s birth, he gave his life to protect the village and placed Kurama inside his newborn son. That caused Naruto all sorts of heartache, but eventually, father and son reconciled, and now Naruto is the Hokage himself.

2 Lady Tsunade Learned To Believe Again9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 7

Tsunade, the slug princess, is one of the famous Sannin along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, and although the Leaf elders wanted Jiraiya as the next Hokage, Jiraiya insisted on Tsunade instead, and that was the right decision. But first Tsunade had to deal with some personal baggage.

Tsunade had lost her little brother, Nawaki, and her lover, Dan, and had wandered the world in lonely despair for years. So, Jiraiya and Naruto convinced her to believe in hope again, and Tsunade became the strong but kind Fifth Hokage. She also confronted Pain and warned him not to take Naruto lightly.

1 Naruto Uzumaki Is The Star9 mejores personajes de naruto con pelo rubio clasificados 8

The shonen hero himself, Naruto Uzumaki, has always been the best part of this entire franchise. He may have been an obnoxious troublemaker at first, but he always had an inspiring dream: to become Hokage and do something for himself. He refused to let his tragic circumstances define him.

Naruto did it all: he fought and defeated many powerful villains, he inspired other people to believe in hope, he saved the Leaf Village, he saved the entire world, and he helped bring Team 7 back together before finally becoming Naruto. Hokage. Fittingly, he’s the best blonde in Naruto.