A Classic Naruto Villain Could Return To Face A New Boruto Threat – GameSpot

Warning: Contains spoilers for Boruto chapter 68

There are countless villains in the world of naruto and Borutoand the key to defeating the new enemy Demon could be the classic villain Hidan. Currently, the biggest threat facing the heroes is the alien Otsutsuki clan and their cyborg minions. Naruto, Boruto, and the rest of Konoha’s ninja managed to keep the Otsutsuki at bay, and now the cyborgs are taking matters into their own hands. Villains Code and Eida are troublesome on their own, but Eida’s younger brother Daemon is a different type of monster.

So far, only one of Daemon’s abilities has been revealed, and it’s unclear whether or not he has any other tricks. He possesses a terrifying capacity for reflection; any damage done to it trickles down to the user, as seen in the cases of Code and Kawaki. How do you beat an enemy he can’t hurt? That’s a good question, and one that Konoha’s smartest ninja, Shikamaru, will likely have an answer to. He has already witnessed the power of Daemon and given that Boruto Chapter 68 ends with Eida meeting Amado, Delta and Shikamaru, it’s very likely Daemon will make another appearance as well.

What Shikamaru lacks in strength, he makes up for in great intelligence and tactical prowess. Seeing Daemon’s ability, he will definitely analyze it for its weaknesses. Knowing him, Shikamaru will notice that Daemon’s ability is the exact opposite of an enemy he fought long ago in Part 2 of naruto. Immortal Akatsuki member Hidan had the power to essentially transform into a voodoo doll; after ingesting his enemy’s blood, Hidan could inflict damage on himself and cause the same result to happen to his opponent. Being immortal worked great for Hidan, but never for any of his enemies. Shikamaru defeated the Akatsuki member by blowing it up and then crushing its remains into a pit under some rocks.

This attack would have killed anyone else, but Hidan is definitely still alive at the bottom of this pit. If there’s one thing series creator Masashi Kishimoto is great at, it’s layered storytelling, and so Shikamaru meeting Daemon is no mere coincidence. Another thing that supports this theory is that Shikamaru and Amado rebuilt and reprogrammed Delta, so even though Hidan is in pieces right now, it’s nothing the two masterminds can’t fix. The only obstacle to this plan would be getting a sample of Daemon’s blood, but once they figure out how to do that, the threat Daemon poses is negated.

Hidan’s ability is the perfect counter to Daemon’s reflection. There’s a reason Kishimoto made Hidan immortal and made him fight against Shikamaru, who now faces Hidan’s opposite. Of course, this is just a theory, but given all the evidence and Kishimoto’s tricks in the past, the possibility that the classic naruto scoundrel Hidan will reappear in Boruto to help win Demon is super exciting.

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