A controversial Naruto theory is about to come true

We hope to confirm the theory in the next Boruto chapter!

Boruto’s most recent chapter ends with a cliffhanger that comes extraordinarily close to confirming a new theory that has been floated about one of the series’ main villains. Although it is a small detail within a large amount of evidence that supports this theory, it could be the final clue that completes the panorama before the revelation in the next chapter.

For context, Boruto’s main antagonists are the Kara organization, a group of cyborgs with amazing powers who are helping the alien Otsutsuki clan cultivate a new chakra-bearing God Tree. After Isshiki Otsutsuki was defeated and the villainous Code replaced him as Kara’s leader, Code decided to seek the help of another Kara member, eida. So, fans believe that she is actually the daughter of the scientist Amado, and on the final page of Boruto chapter 68 the two characters meet for the first time in a panel. But there is a compelling reason to believe the above.

Is Eida the daughter that Amado lost 12 years ago?

As fans already know, one of the main abilities that Eida possesses is that of being able to enchant anyone who is in his presence, with the exception of blood relatives and Otsutsuki.. This is where things get interesting, since in the final shot of the chapter we see Amado stuttering and stunned at the surprise appearance of Eida, instead of giving her the lustful look that he usually receives from anyone who looks at her. This could totally mean that she is her blood relative and, given Amado’s earlier admission that he had a daughter who died 12 years ago, it’s almost certainly her father.

And this important detail is not the only one, since this theory of Eida and Amado is supported by hundreds of other tests. The confession mentioned above would not have been brought up if it were not a fundamental aspect to explain other events that have happened in the general plot and given rise to speculation. Eida’s first conversation with Code also shows that she feels hatred and bitterness towards Amado., and it is likely that this comes from Amado turning her into one of Kara’s cyborgs, and subsequently leaving her for dead. Or maybe so she thinks. Given that Isshiki ordered her to be destroyed, yet Eida used her powers to convince the executioner to let her live, there is a possibility that Amado really believed that she was dead and therefore left her.

In summary, this fan theory has been a controversial topic ever since Eida was revealed in chapter 57, the same chapter in which Amado mentions his daughter for the first time. Eida’s appearance at the end of chapter 68 leaves Amado quite shaken, the last test before confirming or denying a relationship between the two. But in the meantime, we will have to wait as the truth of all this, and the details of his past, will undoubtedly be revealed when Boruto chapter 69 is released next month.

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