A fan art recreates Naruto’s team 7 with the protagonists of Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man is one of the series anime Y sleeve that has been causing a stir among fans since its launch, and that is that its characters managed to gain everyone’s attention from the first chapter, so we often see them causing a great sensation in Internet.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, for this case, we will delve into an illustration that has managed to recreate the much-loved team 7 from the anime of Naruto with surprising and funny results, showing that the team of Denji, Power and Aki reminds us of the ninjas who were under the command of Kakashi.

Going into context a bit, Kishibe becomes the coach of the devil hunters of Chainsaw Man with this incredible fan art, recreating in this way one of the most famous scenes of Naruto that shows us team 7 reunited one last time.

Power and Denji take the role of Sakura and Naruto, respectively, while Aki could not be other than Sasuke with a peculiar touch that will surely put a smile on your face, and that is that he has managed to recreate one of the most popular internet memes Of those that we have we can see the Uchiha, at least in its younger version.

We must mention that this striking fan art was made by the illustrator Yura4RLwho shared with us his incredible version of the devil hunters on his Reddit account, and we can see the Chainsaw Man characters with the cloak of the Konoha ninjas.

For those who are not into this popular anime, we will tell you that the story takes place in a world where demons are born from human fears. Demons are often dangerous and malevolent, their power proportional to how strongly their corresponding fear is incited into the collective human consciousness. However, humans can sign contracts with them to use their powers.

People who specialize in hunting and employing demons are called demon hunters. Demons originate from Hell and exist in an endless life cycle between Earth and Hell: they are reborn on Earth when they are killed in Hell, and vice versa. The anime is subtitled and available on the Crunchyroll streaming platform, and we can’t wait to see its Latin Spanish dub.