A fan art shows us what Naruto and Rock Lee would look like if they were Dragon Ball characters

All fans of Dragon Ball anime have enjoyed amazing battles in which we can see how powerful warriors go one-on-one in unique combats, but we can also see some more creative fans who would like to see their favorite characters from other anime in company of the warriors Z.

Something that has caught our attention is that, thanks to a quite creative fan, we can see what the Dragon Ball style looks like in the characters of Naruto and Rock Lee. A Reddit user named u / 7SoldTheWorld features a couple of images on what Naruto and Rock Lee would look like if they were Dragon Ball characters.

“Super Naruto vs Bro-Lee (DBZ x Naruto series by me)”, says the title of the publication, letting us know that the drawings are his own creation. This type of image reopens an old debate about which is stronger, if the powerful Goku from Dragon Ball or Naruto (although if it had the power of the saiyan race and the spirit of Kurama within, surely there would be no doubt).

In the illustrations that this user shares with us, super Naruto could be compared to Goku, since there has always been the question of who would win if they faced each other in a duel. But it is a difficult answer to answer given the evolution that Goku has had and, on the other hand, that Naruto is the strongest ninja.

So despite the Power of the Kyubi and the Sage of the Six Paths that Naruto developed, the Goku we know is practically a god. In the image made by this artist, we can see some of the details of Kurama around his flashes of ki that denote the great nature of this indomitable bijuu, a spirit that has accompanied our ninja since he was young.

It seems that like Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, Rock Lee has become one of the most memorable warriors in his franchise. In particular Rock Lee, a Jonin rank ninja, demonstrated great courage and perseverance during his time as a student at the Ninja Academy.

Despite having no talent for ninjutsu and genjutsu, he committed himself to taijutsu, becoming an expert. His lightness and the tasks he sets himself to meet their expectations, give us an account of the level at which he has increased his strength at the cost of inhibiting his speed.

So, thanks to his determination, he ended up developing his speed and skills far superior to any more experienced ninja. He managed to become a gennin using only taijutsu, so we agreed that he would be a worthy fighter like Gohan or Piccolo.