A follower of Naruto notices a change in Sasuke so absurd that no one has noticed it

All thanks to the great power of Naruto

On Instagram Naruto fans shared a fun theory about Neji Hyuga and Sasuje Uchiha pointing out how they were subtly redesigned after being hit by the protagonist’s uppercut. As we well know, our favorite ninja is a skilled martial artist, a rambunctious knucklehead, and a god-level motivational speaker. However, a fun fan theory points to him being able to change the way a character is designed, adding a bone surgeon to the list of things that describe Naruto.

The theory revolves around two different cases. In the first, Naruto is fighting Neji during the Chunin Exams and the second occurs during Naruto and Sasuke’s final battle in the Valley of the End. In any case, Neji and Sasuke received one of Naruto’s famous uppercuts. These hooks are decisive hits in both battles, putting you completely out of the fight. However, decisive is not the only way to describe these blows. A Naruto fan account, naruto__story, on Instagram amusingly points out the effects Naruto’s hooks had on Sasuke and Neji.

A “before” still image of both characters reveals that their faces start out with sharp, pointy chins, but “after” taking the big hit, they are now flat and square. Their flattened chins also don’t change in the future as adults. A quick search of all the other characters reveals that the lower portions of their faces remain relatively pointy, even as they age, making these subtle redesigns unique to Sasuke and Neji.

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A funny detail in Naruto that changed the look of Sasuke and Neji forever

It should be noted that the power of “bone restructuring blows” is just a Naruto fan theory, but Sasuke once said, “When two shinobi are powerful enough, they can read each other’s thoughts through an exchange of fists,” and learned firsthand that this is true. Given that one of Naruto’s goals in the series was to change Sasuke and bring him back to the light, it makes sense that Naruto was able to instill his will through a nasty uppercut, one that literally changed Sasuke both physically and emotionally.. He now wears that new flat chin as a constant reminder of what Naruto stands for and is capable of. The same can be said for Neji.

Finally, this fun theory establishes that Naruto is a bone surgeon in his own special way.. And given that not one, but two characters have been subtly redesigned after being hit with his uppercut, the theory could be true. Special thanks to naruto__story for pointing out this little detail and hopefully now Naruto fans can laugh every time they look at Sasuke and Neji.

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