A Naruto fan takes his own life after the death of his favorite character

A teenager, after the death of his favorite character, decided to end his life. A tragic story around the animated Naruto that has bereaved the entire fan community.

The shōnens know how to move us

Like many shōnen, Naruto has his share tragic deaths. We will not quote them here so as not to spoil those who have not yet seen or read the work, but it is impossible to forget them. Painful moments for fanswho sometimes take as long to recover as the deceased character’s companions.

Unfortunately, sometimes these disappearances lead to tragic stories. After the death of his favorite character in the movie Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles, a young fan had ended his life in 2012.

For this teenager, the disappearance of his favorite character was too much to bear

Warning, the following lines will spoiler some major elements of Naruto and the movie Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles.

In 2012, the Daily Mail reported a tragic story. Leonid Hmelev ends his life after the death ofItachi Uchiha in Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles. The 14-year-old boy threw himself from the window of his apartment, 30 meters high. The police report indicates that the teenager posted a message on social networks indicating that he wanted to take his own life before taking action. After being missing for two days, his father finds his body. “I told him he was spending too much time in front of the television. He no longer knew what was reality and what was fiction,” he says.

The disappearance of Itachi Uchiha touched the entire community of Naruto fans. Sasuke’s older brother was part of people’s favorite characters. But this tragic story is even more moving. Hopefully this will be the last of its kind, at a time when shōnen are more popular than ever.

Source used: DailyMail