A Popularity Poll Of Naruto Characters Reveals A Huge Surprise

What a surprise that the “NARUTOP99” survey has given with this revelation!

The “NARUTOP99” character popularity poll has shocked everyone with this huge revelation.

After his 20th anniversary of the Naruto franchise ha decided to renew completelysince it has released two spin-offs that tell part of this story from another perspective, this being a great contribution to continue spreading the legacy of this iconic work.

The Naruto series has a large number of characters that could be considered iconic in the manga/anime industrysince these have had great popularity since their introduction due to their great exploits during the development of this work.

However, recently a popularity survey of the Naruto characters has been carried out to determine which is the most striking and popular of the franchise and the results have revealed a huge surprise. Next, we tell you the details.

The NARUTOP99 popularity poll has revealed a huge surprise recently

The NARUTOP99 popularity survey has surprised with this great revelation

The NARUTOP99 popularity survey has surprised with this great revelation

After celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Naruto franchise has taken the opportunity to announce a popularity poll for fans around the world, called “narutop99“.

Is survey was launched on December 17, 2022giving fans the opportunity to vote once a day for one of the 488 candidate characters, and thus be able to determine which were the 99 most popular.

Said survey will end on January 31 and the results will be announced in April, added to this the creator of Naruto, will make a short sleeve that will have the winner of this event as the protagonistwhich is currently leading the Naruto’s father who could have his own spin off Coming Soon.

However, this popularity poll has revealed a huge surprise recentlysince through the social network Twitter, the account called @Naruto_info_en has shared a mid-term report to see how the results were going, having as a revelation that Sakura has climbed several positions to reach the top 3 in the votes.

In this tweet you can see how the results and positions of each of the candidates are going, being Sakura Haruno the big reveal, even leaving behind characters like Naruto and Sasuke who are very loved by fans. In addition, Minato Namikaze still holds the top spot, being momentarily chosen for the new spin-off of this franchise.

No doubt Sakura’s current position in the popularity poll narutop99 ha taken everyone by surprisesince it is known that this character did not have the best treatment in the original series, because was always relegated to the background, losing prominence despite having a lot to offer the plot.

It should be noted that the new spin-off of Naruto: Sasuke Retsuden has given Sakura another chance to position himself as one of the most relevant characters in the seriessince in this story he has ventured with Sasuke to a new village to get a cure for the terrible disease that afflicts Naruto.

Naruto: Sasuke Retsuden tells from another perspective the relationship of Sasuke and Sakura

Naruto: Sasuke Retsuden tells from another perspective the relationship of Sasuke and Sakura

In addition, this new sequel serves so that a little more can be known about the bond and relationship of Sasuke and Sakuratold from another perspective, because in a few chapters it has been possible to see a very different facet of the relationship of both shinobis, being this to the liking of many fans who expected to see this development.

If Sakura is selected as the winner of the survey, this would be a great opportunity for this character to have the merit and recognition that she deserves through a new spin-off, because you have to remember that this is a very skilled kunoichi with incredible medical ninjutsu.

On the other hand, this advance of Sakura in the voting opens the possibilities that this can compete for first place with Minato Namikazealthough Itachi Uchiha must not be left out, who is in 2nd position and this is one of the top and iconic characters of this series, so the podium is well disputed.