A Very Important Character Is Broken, But He Could Fix A Major Franchise Mistake

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Naruto’s son has certainly been in the bottom of the wave in the Boruto manga. Not only did he have to witness Sasuke losing the Rinnegan and his father’s near death after losing Kurama, but Boruto himself was killed when Momoshiki possessed it. This is all down to Kawaki, who used his new mark of Karma to kill Boruto in battle, saving the Hidden Leaf in the process.

Fortunately, Boruto was resurrected when Momoshiki repaired his body, but things are still tricky as the alien Ōtsutsuki is on his mind and hopes to take over his psyche one day. But as the child grapples with another potential dark fate, another major character has been shaken by all of these incidents: Boruto’s mother, Hinata. However, while Chapter 72 confirmed that it was broken, this could allow Boruto to rectify a major mistake that carried over into the Naruto series.


In Boruto Chapter 72, Hinata is heartbroken after seeing Boruto leaving for a new mission with Team 7. She got scared, but that’s part of the job. After all, a shinobi is meant to bounce back quickly, and with Code threatening Konoha and Amado standing out, Boruto can’t afford to waste any time.

Still, it’s understandable that Hinata is in tears, which gives other of her childhood comrades a chance to come back into the fray. Ino (Inojin’s mother), Sakura (Sarada’s mother), and Temari (Shikadai’s mother) can come together to support her, making up for how they’ve been sidelined in this franchise. They became housewives, while their husbands were more in the line of duty, giving them back the authority they had during the Kaguya war, as key focal points in the village.

Besides the emotional aspect, they can unite and teach children their specific techniques. It would be great to see Boruto and Team 7 learn more mental jutsus with Ino, which might help sharpen her wits to isolate Momoshiki. Sakura can teach them about chakra control (which she learned from Lady Tsunade), while Temari, who specialized in group combat with Gaara’s team, can teach the team 7 contingency plans in case Boruto loses control again.

A feminist statement?

boruto mother

That way they could lock up Boruto rather than kill him. So these mothers would care for one of their own, knowing they wouldn’t want their own family murdered at the first sign of trouble. It would also be a powerful feminist statement, in a franchise that has been very male-focused. And it wouldn’t just be about style in this case, with exceptional women coming together to improve the young ninja clan.

Boruto could create a new substance arc by helping Hinata, who could also impart her eye knowledge of the Byakugan to help Boruto stem potential possession. Ultimately, it would strengthen their bond as mother and son, while also reminding Naruto loyalists that all of these women played crucial roles in Konoha’s development – and are still of vital importance to his future.