A youtuber edits more than 115 hours of Naruto for his girlfriend to see without filler


This is sincere love, of which there is no longer

One of the recurring questions in the Naruto fandom is: “How to watch the series without filler?” To the point that it is well known that Masashi Kishimoto, its creator was lost among those stories and secondary characters. However, a hero has come to help all those people interested in this work who simply cannot with so many extra chapters, an anime YouTuber edited each and every one of the seasons, filler arcs and everything so that his girlfriend could enjoy this emblematic work.

But,why did this affront start to reduce the 250 hours of this anime to only 135 hours? Well, like many other people, Oceaniz is a big fan of this series from the early 2000’s, when he was just a kid he became a ninja fan. However, after the YouTuber and his girlfriend Laura ran out of more Japanese series to watch together and share on his channel, he worked up the courage to ask the big question: “Would you watch Naruto with me if I edited it to make it less difficult to watch?” watch?”.

The YouTuber himself confirms the impact this work had on him: “Naruto was an immensely influential series for me. I just like to share things that are important to me with people that are important to me (like a girlfriend).”

However, like most people, Laura is a girl with limited time who just can’t watch all 720 episodes of the Naruto anime adaptation. Therefore, in a loving gesture, she decided that she would edit the entire series for her girlfriend to enjoy, shortening her experience to almost 135 hours of continuous animation.

Fan edits are not new to Naruto. In fact, other cuts like Naruto Kai were aimed at removing all the filler episodes from the series.. However, Oceaniz felt that this work was insufficient, so he looked for a more efficient way to watch the series.

In his YouTube video he goes into great detail about his thought process for cutting content such as Naruto’s diarrhea incident (a wise decision on Oceaniz’s part), all the Sexy Jutsu nonsense, and the introduction of the wise perverted super-no -aged-well from Jiraiya. He even went the extra mile translating Japanese and similar signs into English, much like how Crunchyroll handles its on-screen translations in English.

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The best way to watch Naruto thanks to a YouTuber

Not all of the filler episodes were cut from The Ocean Cut, there were some that built up Masashi Kishimoto’s world, according to Oceaniz. On the other hand, when it came to Naruto Shippuden it turned out to be a very difficult undertaking for the growing publisher. According to Oceaniz, Shippuden: “Is where Naruto “really [se salió] off the rails” in narrative terms, with its terrible pacing, long stretches of unnecessary information, and unclear story structure.[Eso] it was easily the lowest part of the project,” Oceaniz said on YouTube.

boruto naruto unfilled how to watch

Fortunately, Oceaniz made Naruto an anime series accessible to the public: “Once we saw The Ocean Cut of the Tenchi Bridge arc especially, its tectonic rhythm stood out so much that my girlfriend asked me directly if we could skip to the end of the arc. ”. The Shippuden anime doesn’t end exactly the way the manga does. Instead of Naruto achieving his childhood dream of becoming Hokage (ninja president) at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the anime includes, you guessed it, even more filler content.. Unlike previous filler examples that don’t add to the big Naruto story, Shippuden’s later filler is pretty wholesome and fills in the gaps between the war and Naruto finally becoming Hokage with content from the Naruto light novels.

boruto naruto unfilled how to watch

In total, Naruto’s 720 canonical episodes clock in at 250 hours of airheaded ninja content in orange jumpsuits, while watching The Ocean Cut would take just 135 hours. However, if you expect Oceaniz to do the same with the Boruto saga, we recommend that you give up, as the YouTuber has mentioned that he is not a big fan of this series and has no plans to make this cut.


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