Akatsuki joins e-sports with a clothing line inspired by Naruto Shippuden | Spaghetti Code

An organization dedicated to electronic sports or better known as Team Liquid, has teamed up with another organization more feared from anime. Naruto, that’s how it is, It is about Akatsuki who will reach the e-sports with a clothing line, to be part of teams that are dedicated to this sport.

Team Liquis Esports announced that it is a line with 20 pieces of street clothing, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, shorts and even caps, as well as fully customized accessories, including a folding technical jacket of the technique. Tsukuyomi from Itachi Uchiha, a hoodie with the logo of Akatsuki and a long-sleeved shirt from Zetsu.

Here you can see a little of what this Akatsuki collection will bring:

Source: Team Liquid

Foto: Team Liquid

This collection will be available from October 29 in the United States, Canada and Europe, through the official online store of Team Liquid. Akatsuki is one of the main villain organization for the ninjas and that has more prominence during the series of Naruto shippuden.

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that the organization collaborates with the franchise of NarutoThe first collection launched in February included a jacket from the Leaf Village, a parka also inspired by the Leaf Ninja Village, pants with characters from Naruto and Sasuke, a ninja-style hat and stylized sweatshirts, shirts and t-shirts with designs from Naruto.

Liquid Apparel has previously collaborated with other brands such as Marvel Entertainment, Tokidoki, and Stance, so we certainly know that the quality of their work is good. What do you think of these Akatuski designs?


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