Akira Toriyama draws Naruto within Dragon Ball and pays tribute to its creator Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto is one of the series anime Y sleeve most beloved of all time, and it is not for less, since it presents us with amazing fights within the ninja world and the ninja path of its protagonist to become Hokage. Some of the characters that appear have won the hearts of fans, so today we will delve into a creation that will amaze fans of Naruto, and simultaneously, fans of dragonball.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Dragon Ball and Naruto are two of the biggest franchises that have been born in the manga and anime industry in recent times. Although their birth times are very distant from each other, Goku’s adventures have spread over decades, leading to the fact that both series coincide in their production, competing for the taste of fans.

There was a short but forceful period in which, at least in much of Latin America, there was an apparent rivalry between devoted Dragon Ball fans and those who supported Naruto. The truth is that both sagas have their own personality, charisma and charm. For what the passage of time ended up doing justice to that matter, achieving a state of balance, coexistence and camaraderie between both legions of fans.

It is even common to find otakus who are genuinely fond of both Dragon Ball and Naruto, for good reason, so thinking of them, we have decided to share and revisit one of the most emotional moments between both productions. The most scholars of manga and anime from the late twentieth century and the present have analyzed on more than one occasion how Masashi Kishimoto could have been seriously influenced by Akira Toriyama for the creation of Naruto.

Both sagas, particularly in their initial stages of the plot, have many elements in common, including the construction and consolidation of their protagonist following the path of the hero. Such is the case, that Akira Toriyama turned Naruto into a Dragon Ball character.

This happened in 2009 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Naruto manga, where the complementary book was published. Naruto Secret: Scroll of Everyone Official Fanbook. Said publication contained a series of artworks by notable mangakas, depicting Naruto and his friends in his signature style. This is how among its pages we have Eiichiro Oda, Hirohika Araki and Akira Toriyama.