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The fashion of NFT keep going and more and more tokens can be found based on characters that have had an impact on popular culture. Unfortunately, most digital assets are unofficial, so their creators have taken advantage of the work of others for profit.

The situation has already impacted one of the most important Japanese franchises. We refer to Naruto, one of the most popular anime and manga of all time. Those in charge of the saga warned about the sale of NFTs based on the saga and on Boruto.

The problem is that the use of their characters and other elements is not allowed for these purposes, since both series have officially stayed away from NFTs. Because of this, items for sale are not authorized.

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No, there are no official NFTs from Naruto nor of Boruto

The issue of NFTs generated a new controversy, this time among fans of Japanese animation and manga. Apparently several fans of Naruto and Boruto they have acquired Franchise-based NFTs which, of course, are not official.

The social networks of the saga made it clear that no type of authorization has been given for the use of licenses in non-fungible tokens or in games that involve NFT. For this reason, they alerted fans and stated that there are no official NFTs of Naruto.

“We have been receiving inquiries about the authenticity of information being spread over the Internet about NFTs and officially licensed NFT games based on Naruto. No license has been issued to authorize such products. Please beware of false information,” says the message posted on Twitter.

The fans of the franchise thanked for the clarification. Many of them lambasted NFTs and the way their market works. Others asked not to buy tokens based on Naruto and other popular Japanese series, since they are clear that everything is a scam.

Just take a look at the catalog of sites like OpenSea to know that there are quite a few NFTs based on Naruto for sale. Most of them are based on popular characters, such as Naruto himself, Sasuke, Sakura, Boruto, among others.

Despite the supposed regulations of this market, dozens of unauthorized tokens are still being sold, with content that is protected by copyright.

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