Anime fans wonder who would win between Goku and Naruto

Today the Shonen are a quite popular manga genre in the world, here series such as Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Bleach, My Hero Academia, among others of great fame. However, there are two that have been placed much higher, and obviously it is about dragon ball Y Narutowhich continue to enjoy the honeys of sequels and additional content.

This has led fans to think about their protagonists, Goku Y Naruto, who in their works are the strongest people, with powers that no human being could have in his life. And now each of the followers has debated who would win a fight, with disparate comments becoming so big, to the point of trending on twitter.

Here are some of the posts:

Goku would win, he was 12 years old and he was second in the world martial arts tournaments consecutively.

Nah, put some respect in Naruto’s name. His melee combat is lethal. The man was throwing his hand at someone whose eyes literally read his movements.

In terms of pure fighting skills… Goku.

Naruto’s entire fighting style is centered around his immense chakra and various techniques. As a raw martial artist, Goku is more experienced and trained under more masters.

Goku crushes this man.

This argument between who is stronger among Goku Y Naruto he was present for several days, and of course, most were in favor of the Saiyan raised on earth, but others also supported the boy with the nine-tailed beast. However, many agree that they are both great characters, both of which come from successful animated works.

Anime fans wonder who would win between Goku and Naruto

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