Anime on Netflix: the 10 craziest duos, from Naruto to Tiger & Bunny!

They are polar opposites and yet they work devilishly well together! On the occasion of the release of season 2 of Tiger & Bunny on Netflix, discover the best duos of anime characters to see on the platform!

The platform’s catalog may evolve, so some content offered in this article may no longer be available at the time of your reading. Thank you for understanding.

KOTETSU & BARNABY (Tiger & Bunny)

Eleven years after their first adventures, the craziest duo in the history of next is back for new adventures in Stern Bild City. In a world where heroes rhyme with reality, Tiger and Bunny, their aliases, must protect the citizens while making sure to satisfy their sponsors.

Restore the image of one, teach the basics of the trade to the other: such is the crazy bet of Apollon Media, the hero sponsorship agency, when it chooses to associate the veteran, Kotetsu Kaburagi and the new kid on the block, Barnaby Brooks Jr, both wielding a power of force. But difficult for the first to accept the arrogance of his new partner, and for the second, to deal with the old school methods of his eldest. However, motivated by their common desire to save their city from thugs, they manage to work miracles out of their differences and end up, despite themselves, liking each other.


In his journey to becoming the best Hokage in history, young Naruto must first go through several stages of learning. After passing his genin exam, he joins a team of ninja apprentices. It is there that he meets his future greatest friend and rival: Sasuke Uchiha.

How to talk about an unlikely duo without mentioning Naruto and Sasuke? Impossible ! Like dog and cat due to the already conflicting relationships of their ancestors, the two boys had little chance of getting along well. But it’s this innate rivalry that pushes them to surpass themselves and get to know each other. Similar on many aspects, this shock team will be at the origin of many upheavals in Konoha. A sincere friendship that continues even in Boruto.

LEGOSHI & LOUIS (Beaststars)

In a society of anthropomorphic animals where herbivores and carnivores live in harmony, Legoshi, a gray wolf, and Louis, a red deer, find themselves having to collaborate when a crime is committed on their campus. Indeed, Tem, an alpaca, is murdered and savagely devoured.

While the harsh law of nature drives one to eat the other, in Beastars’ alternate universe the hierarchy is sometimes reversed between predator and prey. We then find ourselves with a shy and discreet wolf and a confident and manipulative deer, forced to work together to corner the murderer of their comrade. A collaboration made all the more complicated by their rivalry to curry favor with the pretty bunny, Haru. But eager to maintain peace between their species, they ignore their differences and offer us a very effective dynamic.


At a time when humans have succeeded in colonizing Mars, two young singers who are in total opposition decide to create a duo and turn the universe upside down. But in a world where the majority of culture is produced by artificial intelligence, it is sometimes difficult to make your voice heard.

An introverted blonde Martian, daughter of politicians, and a rebellious brown earthling, orphan: it’s hard to make a greater contrast than these two teenagers. However, driven by the same passion that is music, Carole and Tuesday quickly agree to seduce the whole galaxy. And in the ruthless world of showbiz, the qualities and skills of each quickly prove to be essential to make a place for themselves. A friendship as surprising as it is obvious.

BELMOND & ALUCARD (Castlevania)

After years of seclusion, Lord Vlad Dracula Tepes decides to come out of the shadows to exterminate the human race, responsible for the killing of his wife. To stop him, Trevor Belmont, famous vampire killer, is forced to join forces with one of these creatures of the night he despises so much.

A vampire and a hunter? On paper, nothing could have led Belmont and Alucard to become partners. But in Castlevania, even Dracula’s son knows how to recognize his father’s madness. Aware that they will not be able to act without each other against the king of darkness, the two men declare a truce, the time to save the rest of the world. A compromise that has proven itself during their many epic battles where the power and impulsiveness of the human mingle with the wisdom and intelligence of the vampire.

AKIRA & RYO (Devilman Crybaby)

The apocalypse is approaching. The demons that once ruled the Earth have awakened and are working in the shadows to regain power. At least that’s what Asuka Ryo thinks, a Japanese high school student who returned from a trip to America. To counter these dark forces, he asks for help from his childhood best friend, Fudo Akira.

Who to fear the most? The man or the demon? Devilman Crybaby explores the darker sides of these entities through the friendship and collaboration of these two incredibly different characters. Where Ryo is taciturn and thoughtful, Akira is sensitive and impulsive. But it is this discordance that makes them two complementary beings in the fight against demons. A strange pair that holds the fate of humanity in their hands… or not.

GON & KILLUA (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon Freecss dreams of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a hunter, an elite citizen for whom nothing is impossible. But the examination to obtain this license is considered dangerous and perilous. During the trials, he meets Killua, a participant with whom he sympathizes.

Nothing predestined them to meet and yet… Hunter X Hunter offers us one of the greatest stories of friendship in Japanese animation. Naïve, playful and from a small port town, Gon finds true moral support in Killua, withdrawn into himself and the son of a famous family of assassins. Their pronounced taste for adventure and challenges brings them together considerably, to the point of making them a formidable duo of apprentice-hunters!

CIEL & SEBASTIAN (Black Butler)

Aristocrat and heir to the Phantomhive, the young Ciel tries somehow to take over the family business after the premature death of his parents in a fire, while unraveling occult plots on behalf of Queen Victoria. To help him, a mysterious butler follows him like his shadow.

Black Butler can seem funny and childish with its 13-year-old protagonist and a few gags. Nevertheless, the work offers us one of the strangest and darkest duos in the manga sphere. Because, beyond their master-employee dynamic, Ciel and Sebastian are above all linked by a human-demon pact. Between investigations, murders and other mysteries, they help and support each other while waiting for the fateful day when the devil butler can devour the soul of the teenager.

KOTARO & KARINO (Kotaro solo)

When a four-year-old boy moves into the next apartment on his own, Karino, a completely broke mangaka, can’t help but be intrigued. Despite himself, he takes a liking to this child and quickly finds himself playing guardian.

In this fine team where it is the little Kotaro who is independent and responsible, and where Karino is lazy and airheaded, one wonders who is the child and who is the adult. Differences that however lead them to learn a lot from each other. Strengthened by their attachment, the two characters develop a father-son relationship that fills the void they felt until then. A touching meeting full of good feelings.

JOLYNE & HERMES (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Wrongly accused of the murder of a motorist, Jolyne Cujoh is imprisoned in Green Dolphin Street. To hope to survive in this strange detention center, she joins forces with the sulphurous Hermes Costello, an American imprisoned for unknown reasons.

In this sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the eccentric Jolyne is in the spotlight! And not only! For this 100% female season, the descendant of the Joestars befriends a fellow prisoner of the offbeat genre as only Hirohiko Araki knows how to create. Although driven by distinct intentions, the two proud young women with strong characters quickly show loyalty to each other in this hostile environment that is prison.

Season 2 of Tiger & Bunny is available on Netflix since April 8.