Another Fortnite And Naruto Collab Has Been Teased

Fortnite is the best game when it comes to crossovers of any number of entertainment franchises. Whether it’s video games, anime or celebrities, Fortnite has become a home for a wide range of characters. naruto got his first skins in Fortnite last November and now it looks like the game will soon feature a new collaboration.

Fortnite posted a single image on his Twitter account today that shows the “Fortnite X naruto Rivals!” logo and the date of June 23, which is just over a week away. While not much can be inferred from this tweet, many have speculated that new skins from the hit anime may be coming. Fortnite.

The naruto skins added last November included Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura. These are some of the most important characters in anime, which begs the question of who else Epic Games would want to add to the game.


There was a Fortnite leaked at the end of last month where someone had posted on a forum that naruto would return to the game. These characters, according to leaks, would come with new challenges. This leak was posted along with a Chapter Three Season Three Battle Pass leak that turned out to be true.

If these skins are the ones coming to the game later this month, Epic could have a huge leak problem. In addition to the battle pass leaking a week in advance, a major collaboration may also have been shown before Epic could surprise fans. As exciting as it can be for fans to see the famous anime return to Fortniteit probably would have made a bigger impression if it had been a surprise.