Any Candy transforms into Hinata Hyuga in her Naruto Shippuden cosplay

Several years have passed since the end of the anime of Naruto Shippuden and although the story is continuing in Boruto, many fans consider that the previous stage was the best for the Naruto story. This has inspired many cosplay and the beauty Any Candy showed one of the best hinata hyuuga that we have seen in recent months.

Any Candy is a popular model and cosplayer who has been dressing up as fictional characters for nearly three years and posting pictures on her social media. In the time that she has been active, Andy Candy has transformed into more than two dozen characters, but among her best cosplays we have that of Hinata from Naruto Shippuden.

The first time Any Candy showed her Hinata Hyuga cosplay based on the Naruto Shippuden anime was in September of last year, when she uploaded a short video to her Instagram account showing us how she looked like Naruto’s partner. However, we had to wait several months to see a professional shoot in her Hinata cosplay and fan service.

Any Candy in her Hinata cosplay from Naruto Shippuden.

It was at the end of May 2022 when Any Candy finally showed us her Hinata Hyuga cosplay in a professional shoot, although the first image she showed us was in a collaboration with Kaya Angela, who dressed up as Sakura. After this Any Candy showed a photograph of her in her Hinata cosplay with which she fell in love with Naruto Shippuden fans.

The last time we saw Any Candy in her Hinata Hyuga cosplay was in June of this year, so it is still one of the last works that she presented to her public. Since then, Any Candy has not made many publications, so I recommend that you follow her on her social networks so that you are among the first characters to see her following cosplays.

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